Senator Cruz Says “Not So Fast, Sparky” as Biden Blames Russia for Gas Prices

President Joe Biden has never taken personal responsibility since 1970, when he took office. It's always the fault of the other guy for his mistakes. This has not changed at all now that he is sitting in the White House. This blame-shifting, finger-pointing and lack of professional accountability have been going on for too long, and Senator Ted Cruz (R.TX) is not standing for it.

Senator Cruz used Twitter to expose these latest flat-out lies. Under Biden, gas prices rose 48 percent before Russia invaded Ukraine, what with his killing the Keystone Pipeline, freezing federal leases and shutting down ANWR, all while waiving sanctions on Russian President Putin’s pipeline.

Cruz has been around for a while. People have held him to the fire when he’s been wrong. He is giving Biden the exact same medicine he received from his cohorts. It is smart, politically and personally, to give their leader the same amount of attention. This is the wisest way to play the game when the politics of the left are constantly putting the party ahead of the people.

He wasn't content to use Twitter alone. On Tuesday, he also made an appearance on CNBC and gave one of his most detailed and accurate rants on the presidency. It is quite remarkable that the United States became a net-energy exporter in 2019. America was a superpower in oil and gas production. But Joe Biden's administration made it clear that America was no longer a net-energy exporter. The Biden Administration seems to want the destruction of U.S. energy production.

There is much more, and these are just a few of the key points. This administration doesn't care about Americans; they just care about their agenda. While green energy is the foundation of this plan, Elon Musk begs America to continue to invest in fossil fuels. We aren't ready to go fully electric. He's completely against his business model, considering he owns Tesla motors.

Senator Cruz's points were very valid and pointed the right finger. The other horrifying point is the waiver of sanctions against Russian President Putin's pipeline prior to all this. The waiver of sanctions to allow this man to do what he liked only bolstered his resolve and gave him good reason to invade Ukraine. President Biden demonstrated to the world just how spineless he was.

The world is now watching and praying for Ukraine while simultaneously praying for the United States. We are not praying for a waking up from this nightmare, but we pray that the man elected to lead the country will put America's best interests first. We pray for an end to the political division over the wants of each party, instead finding common ground to help people get along again. It's clear that people are suffering from inflation, high gas prices, lack of cooperation, hate, and other issues. It is time to make a shift. Biden has only been in office for just over a year. We can't allow this to get any worse.

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