Biden Makes a Bizarre Comment About “Naked” Blackmail That Has Everyone Talking

Europe is at war. On Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, presented his case to Congress in support of more aid. Meanwhile, the reckless spending of the Democratic Party at home is causing inflation to spiral to a 40-year high.

It might seem that these issues would take up the entire time of the White House occupant, but President Joe Biden won't admit to his guilt in either of these events. It was his weakness from Russia’s perspective that made its president willing to test him, and it was his reckless spending that caused the record-breaking inflation. He even blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the inflation that has been ongoing for several months.

But this week, Biden stated that he had established a new civil rights cause of action. “I bet everybody knows somebody…that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then…blackmails…,” Biden declared.

Oh my! One of those things that you would never expect someone to say even in an office setting, let alone the office of the president of the United States.

No, Joe. We don’t know about you, Joe, but we don’t personally know of anyone who has experienced this. Joe Biden is referring to who? His naked friend was blackmailed and put in a compromising situation? Or is he speaking directly? Or about Hunter, his son, who appears to have been involved with all sorts of shady activities for which Joe could be blackmailed?

What was he really focusing on? Making naked cheaters a protected group? What was this guy talking about? What was the point of a “new civil rights cause for action”?

Biden might be about to reveal something we don't yet know. Are we going to see more horrible images on son Hunter’s laptop? We already know enough about the ones that are dangerous–blackmail material. In case you think that this is speculation, let's go back to Hunter Biden's video comments to a naked prostitute about Russians trying to blackmail him.

Hunter: “I believe he stole my computer. The three men that were a little like a group, I believe, are the three of them. I took the dealer and his two men everywhere. Fu**ing everywhere, insane out of your mind sh*t… The Russian [inaudible]. She'd walk out holding a fu**ing bathing costume in her hand… They have videos of me doing that. They have videos of me doing insane sex fu**ing, they know.”

Hooker: “How long ago was this?”

Hunter: “Summer.”

Hooker: “So it would be out already if they…”

Hunter: “No, no no, because my father [inaudible] is running for president. He is, and he's, he's, he's. It's something I talk about all the time. He also knows that I earn a gazillion dollars if they do.”

Hooker: “They'd try and blackmail you?”

Hunter: “Yeah, in some way, yes.”

This might be an important point in the context of what's going on right now. That is, how does it impact Joe Biden's words, actions and speech?

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