“Crate Training”: Adam Carolla Offers a Disturbing Explanation for the Government’s Masking of Children

Why are children being masked at school? Adam Carolla has a theory, and it is depressingly dark.

We’ve known who is at risk from COVID-19 for a while. In December 2020, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) published survival rates–before any vaccine had been manufactured:

0-19 years: 99.99997

20-49 years: 99.9998

50-69 years: 99.995

70+ years: 99.946

Meanwhile, teachers unions and governments insisted that children be covered up with masks, and elementary students were kept in anti-coronavirus cubes. This has been called child abuse by some–even comedian Rob Schneider.

But Rob is not the only one in entertainment to criticize these practices. On Tuesday's episode of The Megyn Kelly Show podcast, Adam Carolla had lots to share about America's future.

Megyn said, “[I]n LA, they've just announced the mask mandate for children is staying up and operable till the end of this year.” She added that they refused to take it down.

Why is it that our children are still being muzzled? 

Adam provided an explanation. “I want to remind you of this phrase: The masks. Why? Why? … You … wear a mask in a theater, arena, or (a) concert, Trader Joe's. Why? Why the children? Why the emphasis on children?” Carolla continued. “This [virus] hasn’t been dangerous to children. This is something we've known for a while…This causes death in the elderly, sick, and obese, as well as comorbidity patients. It does not ostensibly affect children. They are in the most secure category. Why do we keep focusing on the children? Why the constant conversation about the group of people that this ostensibly doesn’t affect?”

Adam also has the answer to his question. “Remember this phrase Megyn, crate training.” He suggested children have to be broken before they can be brave. “You cannot train a dog if it is middle-aged. It's important to start them as puppies. Get them to learn how to get into a crate. That's how we train kids. This will not be the end of an emergency. It will not be the first time that the mayor, governor, and government need to exercise their power.”

He continued, “And so, let's get them into the crate. Let's get the kids coached. Then they will be ours. After that, we can do what we like with them. They will listen to everything. They'll listen to anything.”

It is a disturbing thought.

This is more than the shaming of America's youth. The country has not been particularly slow to submit over the past two years. Sometimes, large sections of the population have followed orders without asking many questions.

Recent mask mandates have been less frequent. But they are still coming; nothing has changed. Many are now revealing their orifices, whereas they used to be vocally dedicated to face-diapering. Official statements aside, the science hasn't changed. Nothing has been proven to support the mask assertions. It seems that the time has arrived when it is safe to unmask, which it appears came six months ago. If we had been dutifully covering our faces for half a year, we should now be asking questions.

Yet, large numbers of people seem to be enjoying the don't-ask-why Simon Says game. Carolla is likely correct about an impending “emergency” from which millions of Americans will be prepared to hide with little or no explanation. So, go, people–or, as some call them, sheeple.

Adam stated that those who refuse to accept the problem will be able to solve it before they become one.

Disturbing, indeed.

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