Weak Biden and Pushy Putin Make China Rethink Their Taiwan Lusts

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a greedy move that has set an example that other similar countries will follow. Joe Biden's weak demeanor, lazy countenance, and ineffectual character have allowed others to seek out what they want from the man.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wouldn't have dreamed of invading Ukraine while former U.S. President Donald Trump was in office. His war efforts would have been stopped by the United States. Biden has shown that he is unable to confront evil when it arises.

Communist China is another country that is looking for lands on which to expand its already enormous empire. The tiny island nation of Taiwan is the first prize in which the Chinese are interested. This small island is home to an American military base and is considered a land of liberty. Because they can't escape being watched 24/7, the Communists don't like having an American military base so close to their borders.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine was meant to be quick and “beautiful.” But it has not been what Putin had hoped for. Many of the goals set by Russia's military were not achieved from the beginning. It is now extremely difficult for him to wage a successful war due to internal and international pressures.

The Russian government is realizing that the collapse of its stock markets and loss of business income are detrimental to its health. Putin doesn't have the financial resources to wage a long-term battle against Ukraine. He wanted the victory to be swift and easy, but the war has been a constant thorn in his side.

Putin's problems have made the Chinese wonder if their actions against Taiwan are worth the huge backlash. According to American intelligence agencies, China is starting to reconsider its desire to seize what doesn't belong to it. American intelligence officials believe that China’s President Xi Jinping is planning to leave Taiwan alone. The rest of the world is compensating for Biden's poor reaction to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. They won't allow Russia or China to take over lands and people they don't own.

William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), recently said, “I wouldn't underestimate President Xi or the Chinese leadership’s determination with respect to Taiwan.” They've been surprised and uneasy to some degree by the events in Ukraine over the past few days, including everything from the strength of the West's reaction to the manner in which Ukrainians have fiercely resisted to the relative poor performance of Russia.

The Russian military isn't the powerful force Putin believed it to be. To preserve Ukraine's sovereignty, the Ukrainian people will fight until the end. Putin must control Ukraine due to the country's rich resources. He believes he requires those minerals to build the Russian Empire and restore the country's communist glory days.

Burns also stated that “I believe there's an effect on…China's calculus with respect to Taiwan,” to which China will continue to pay close attention. China’s leaders are heavily focused on whether they can take Taiwan without being too harshly judged by the international community.

Joe Biden has allowed evil nations to flood the country unchecked. The world will be more unstable if he continues to sit back and refuses to do the job he promised to do. The United States is a powerful influence in the world. It takes just one man like Joe Biden to forget the importance of his job of being a powerful man to set the world on fire with terror and pain. Biden still has much to learn about being a president.

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