A New Scandal with Donated Money Leads to Civil Activist Group

As duped donors fall prey to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization, the scandal of donation betrayal continues. The group's leaders have been driven by a desire for power and property, and they are now spending donated money on things not related to civil rights. Although the entire group claims it exists to promote change, the only thing its leaders are trying to change for the better are their own lives.

According to RedState, The Boston Globe discovered that Monica Cannon-Grant, founder of the Violence in Boston organization, is under federal investigation for using donations for lavish living. RedState reported that Monica Cannon-Grant, 41, who founded her charity with $1,000 in 2017 and operates from a Hyde Park headquarters measuring 4,000 square feet, is under investigation as part of the US Attorney's Office's investigation that led to husband’s Clark Grant's October arrest and raid at their Taunton, Massachusetts, home.

Leaders of the BLM apparently believe that everyone should turn over their possessions to make it easier for law enforcement to deal with criminals. After the George Floyd incident, Cannon-Grant became known as a BLM activist in Boston. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to raise as much money for her own use as possible.

RedState also noted that a federal grand jury had issued a subpoena to the Suffolk District Attorney's Office for records. This is one of many public and private entities that donated funds to the activists’ group. Investigators are trying to determine if any of the grants or donations the organization received were used for personal expenses.

Cannon-Grant is close to Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D.MA), a progressive party member, as well as Michelle Wu, the mayor of Boston. Only her Democratic associates fail to call into question her integrity.

Clark Grant, the activist’s (terrorist’s?) husband, is being investigated for fraud in connection to the pandemic. He falsified applications to access the money market in order to assist people who were suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19. The Clark family has a history of losing money. This time, it has caught up to them.

Her husband also took BLM bank-account money and claimed it was theirs so they could close on a home mortgage. Finally, the secret life of these two clowns has been revealed. It is sad that the liberal media have tried to make BLM's founders civil-rights heroes. Because it would make liberals look bad, they have chosen to ignore the fraud and thefts committed by their beloved couple.

Already, the poor Democrat has tried to deny ever stealing money. Every con artist has been caught using the excuse that they didn't do anything wrong. But those people ended up in prison every time because they were involved in criminal behavior.

The old cry of felons is that the other person is responsible for why they are in jail. Cannon-Clark claimed that people didn't pay much attention to her work before she became one of BLM’s best-known activists. She tried to blame others, claiming they did not think she deserved the praise she received. Each time she shares more information, she is being proven to be a greedy fraud.

These are the facts about this criminal pair. More financial data has revealed that donated money was used for purposes that did have a negative impact on their personal lives, but they had no business using the donated money for personal purposes.

The couple's best hope is for a Democratic Party-appointed judge to preside over their case. As Democrats do with their voters, the couple has been ripping off their supporters. The law will prevail in the end. This might explain why BLM is passionate about ending law enforcement.

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