Biotech Company Offers Up to $1,500 Per Month–All You Have to Do Is Poop

Are you unhappy at your job? Do you want another job?

Write this down if so: Seres Therapeutics offers big bucks for those who consider dignity at work to mean squat. The website of the Massachusetts company asks one question that some may find difficult to understand: “Want to receive compensation for donating stool?”

This is not a reference to chairs. Seres is an innovative biotech company that's seeking people with a lot to offer. Your second arrear does not have to be stressful. You can still be financially productive while you go to the dump and drop the kids off at the pool. You can be the number two worker in your company within a few minutes.

It's all laid out on the website: Everybody has to run their own business. Make sure that your business does something good…

You may be eligible for up to $1,500 per month in compensation for donating your poop. Compensation may vary depending on where you live and may change. Your participation could lead to new developments in treating gastrointestinal disorders, directly benefiting a patient population.

Seres is anal about eligibility. It'll make you feel relieved to learn…

The GoodNature (TM) Program seeks healthy people who are regular in their bowel movements, between 18 and 50 years of age, have no smoking history, have not had any gastrointestinal problems, have never abused alcohol or drugs to donate their poop. It's easy. You must be available to donate at least three to four times per week to a collection site.

The fine print includes: We would encourage pregnant women to participate in the program, but they are not allowed to. For every poop donation, those who are willing to work hard “can get up to $75.” 

Even better, the company offers examples of what each 75-buck bucketful might buy you: tickets for your favorite band, the shirt you have been eyeing, a month of morning coffee,  five whole pizzas…or you can put the money back into your business.

According to, Arizonans who are entrepreneurial should take advantage of this opportunity.

Seres Therapeutics selected Tempe, Arizona, following a nationwide search for GoodNature stool-collection sites, according to Alex Murray, vice president of manufacturing supply chain analytics. Colleges are fecally fertile, it seems. Murray stated that they looked at people based on their lifestyles and demographics. This included age, fitness level, and cultural background. “We went out to see a smaller number of opportunities and because we were close to Arizona State University, it was easy to find the right fit due to the level of activity in the community and the innovation in public healthcare.”

They are already making big business. Murray stated that company representatives visited the Aloha Fest in Tempe, Arizona, this weekend and met with 150 potential donors. Potential donors must pass multiple screenings. Company officials must ensure that the microbiomes of potential donors are suitable for Seres Therapeutics’ use.

The new location, which joins turd depositories in Irvine, California, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, is keeping it simple: Only the GoodNature program will use Tempe's site. Murray stated that there will not be any manufacturing operations.

There's a reason to eat more than you can chew. By doing so, you can continue the process of making more money. Seres Therapeutics is definitely a place for people who are passionate about helping humanity. You can almost taste the money!

It's more than a small bonus to receive poop payments. Murray stated that some donors have made up to $10,000 per calendar year by staying with the program for a long time. People interested in becoming stool donors must first complete the eligibility questionnaire at “Thank you to all who log in to the system. We are all working towards better health.”

Murray stated that poop donors are people committed to helping others. Indeed. Seres is your best choice for “therapeutics.” Sign up now!

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