The Lia Thomas Debate: What Is the Most Important Thing?

My colleagues have written some solid opinion pieces about the Lia Thomas situation. I wanted to share their sentiments and add my own just for the record.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in another reality when writing about transgender women in women’s sports and locker rooms. This is because it amazes me that radical activists who push for this don’t seem to be able to see the inherent dangers in their actions. If these gender-identity concepts go unchecked and unchallenged and are fully implemented at all levels, then women's rights will end up being lost for future generations.

This is a frightening thought, especially considering what early feminists in the country marched for (which is nothing compared to the hell modern so-called “feminism” has wrought, but that's another story). A place at the table to be treated equally (not better, nor superior, but equal) with men when it came time to share their contributions to society.

They fought for respect and attention, not being treated like the rambling old lady who was only humored by her intellectual superiors in the room when they spoke about topics she couldn't understand.

Guess what?

Surprisingly, the exact same scenario is unfolding right now. Even women who were highly respected in the past as feminist or LGBT icons–who speak out against the inclusion of biological men in women's sports–get told to sit down and keep their lane. This shutuppery comes from the same side of the aisle that shouted repeatedly a few years back about how the GOP was waging war on women because of pro-life legislation and judges who seemed to agree.

The real “war against women” isn't in the abortion debate. The real “war against women” is in the debate over transgender/identity policies–where outspoken women and women who want to speak up but are afraid to do so are being silenced by men. These men include useful-idiot-male counterparts, the AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) men, as well transgender women who were born males.

I want to share the sentiments I have found most illuminating in this debate, which come from a prominent transgender woman. It is a belief I believe sums up how dangerous this movement will be for biological women many decades hence.

Laverne Cox, an actress born as a male but who now identifies as a woman, took to Twitter many years ago and tried to justify his/her position based in part upon his/her belief that women do not have any unique experiences. Cox claimed that everyone can have children, menstrual cycles, and other characteristics associated with being female.

Folks, I will explain this to you: This is not only incontrovertibly wrong based upon science, but it is also the definition of “cultural appropriation” that the left has claimed is so bigoted (but not as it pertains to transgender women). It is defined by Everyday Feminism as, in short: Cultural appropriation refers to when someone adopts elements of another culture. However, this is only a basic definition.

Cultural appropriation can also be understood to refer to a power dynamic where members of a dominant cultural group take elements from the culture of those who have been systematically oppressed.

We have “dominant cultures” that “take elements from women” who were historically “oppressed” as a group by this “dominant culture.” Yet, we are supposed to pretend that guys can transition into girls and then take their culture/sports/lives. Then, shut up and respect this in order to promote tolerance and equality, and get along.

It's not my opinion.

Cox basically did this: He identified as a biological male and told women that their experiences as females were not “universally” different. Cox must have wanted to be identified as one or another.

I hope this is not a common sentiment.

Let's close by asking what the most important thing is to remember about this debate. We must not be silent about this because the only way radical ideas can flourish is if good people don't do anything–either thinking it will pass, or they would rather avoid it.

It's amazing; just think about it. 

As an example, the critical race theory (CRT) debate is now owned by conservatives. There are many areas in the country where CRT has been implemented or attempted to be implemented. However, educators withdrew due to outcry from concerned parents. These parents were not afraid to voice their concerns because they were worried about the future of their children. This has been a standout effort by conservatives and other like-minded people, and it is paying off.

This scenario could also play out in the transgender discussion, but only if people are prepared to put in the effort and speak out against it. It is not my intention to sound cliché, but young girls' futures depend on what happens now. You can either mumble or grumble on the sidelines, or you can shout loud and proud. It's as easy as that.

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