White House Grilled on Hunter-Related Conflicts and Joe’s Meeting with Russian Billionaire

Now that the New York Times has admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop is authentic–something that should have been done back in 2020 when the New York Post reported the story–will the media press the Biden Administration to discuss all the issues and problems that were revealed by the laptop, especially the potential conflicts of interests due to connections with China, Russia, and Ukraine?

Although the White House tried to minimize the impact of Thursday's news during Friday’s press conference, more questions were raised about serious conflicts of interest. And some fascinating information about President Joe Biden was revealed.

It's perhaps not surprising that Steve Nelson, a New York Post reporter, asked pointed questions, despite the body language and blinking of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who clearly didn’t want these questions asked.

Nelson raised the issue of the Senate report on Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca Thornton company. It allegedly received $3.5 million from Yelena Baturina, a Russian billionaire, who is one of Russia's richest women and whose husband was the mayor of Moscow. Nelson also brought up a lesser-known fact: Joe Biden had dinner with the same woman in Georgetown in 2015.

“This Yelena Baturina, she is not yet sanctioned by the U.S government. How does President Biden navigate conflicts of interest when sanctioning people who do business with this family? Can you tell us why this $3.5 million was spent?” Nelson was curious.

Psaki stated that she didn't have any proof of the report's accuracy, and, therefore, she did not have further information. How could she possibly not know the accuracy of the report's contents? Either Joe Biden was there, or he wasn't. Why was he meeting with her? This is not a Hunter question. It's a Joe Biden query. Psaki, however, refused to answer the question and was not transparent.

She refused to answer questions about the $3.5 million. According to Nelson, Baturina has not been sanctioned. These questions are crucial at a time when Russia is in a difficult position regarding the war in Ukraine. If Biden Administration officials refuse to answer tough questions, we can assume that they are hiding something important.

When questioned about Biden’s conflicts of interest, Psaki acted as if she didn't know. She tried to deflect to other reporters, but Nelson insisted on trying to get an answer about Hunter Biden's divesting from the Chinese company in which he was involved.

Nelson stated that there has been no transparency regarding who bought his stake and when it happened, as well as how much money changed hands. Nelson asked, “Did he really divest? If so, can you provide basic transparency?”

Psaki stated that he is a private citizen and does not work for the government. “I would point you to his representatives.”

Psaki believes we don't deserve to know if he has divested or if there are ongoing conflicts with China. It is shameful that she dismissed the issue. Hopefully, voters will take note of her dismissive attitude towards the American public's right to know the truth and vote against her party at the November ballot boxes. After putting those involved under oath, Congress must demand answers.

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