Report: BYU Professor Commands Students to Take Photos of On-Campus Whiteness

Students at Brigham Young University were recently given an investigative assignment.

Allegedly (apply this word to all of the following), Jane Lopez, Assistant Professor of Sociology, told her students to wander campus in search for “whiteness.”

They took photos of the discovery.

Per The “Revealing whiteness activity” instructions:

“Spend 30 minutes with a group of students exploring elements of the social and physical environment at BYU. BYU is a Predominantly White Institution. This means that it has a higher proportion of White students than the US. It also has different aspects and manifestations of “Whiteness” in its social and physical environment. As a group, your goal is to capture and describe at most three manifestations of Whiteness that you see on campus. Your team member will upload your photos to Learning Suite (in Digital Dialogue), along with brief descriptions about how each photo highlights a particular aspect of Whiteness around campus.”

What is whiteness? Professor Jane Lopez teaches you that Whiteness can be described as:

  • A location of structural advantage or “race privilege”
  • A “standpoint”  from which White people can look at themselves, others and society.
  • A collection of cultural practices that are often unnamed and not marked.

Lopez is described as a “whiteness scholar” because the teacher is on the same team with White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo.

DiAngelo begins the assignment with the assumption that racism and White privilege exist in both modern and traditional forms. She and her colleagues “work together to expose it.”

Similar tasks were undertaken by BYU students. However, someone called the shots on the curtain-pulling project.

Campus Reform reports:

“According to the student-led group BYU Conservatives, the assignment was made public in a now-defunct social media post. The group claims that they faced backlash from university staff shortly after posting the original post.”

According to CR, BYU Professor Eric Bybee was called to religious duty by copyright concerns.

“This is an action in response to the prophetic call for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to eradicate racism, nationalism and prejudice of any type. White supremacist attitudes are morally wrong, and we condemn them. The Church does not approve of Church members who support or promote a white culture or white supremacy agenda. Without permission from the professor, sharing material from their course is against BYU's Intellectual Property Policy as well as the Honor Code. This post should be removed.”

Members of BYU Conservatives claim that Professor Eric sent them private messages.

He wrote that “your beliefs don't give you the right,” to “violate university/faculty members intellectual property and invite targeted harassment against one of my coworkers.”

According to one conservative student, the key point is that the university's Left doesn't want other people to see its ideas. This is strange, if they believe that their ideas are true.

It may surprise some that BYU is the subject of such controversy, but it's not the first time that BYU has been featured in the news for an outlandish occurrence.

This assignment is reminiscent one at University of New Hampshire. In that case, an instructor asked students to confront their peers for engaging in “ableist, homophobic, or racist behavior.”

Courtesy of the course, “To get credit, you must…record calling them in. Before recording them, ask permission. After calling them in, confirm with them that they are okay for your professor to hear it.”

America is in turmoil after the ” Punch A Nazi” movement.

Education has chosen to take a bold new route in whiteness, and racial reckoning. Traditional academics are becoming less relevant.

Is America going to see racial unity again? Perhaps — maybe “whiteness”, once extinct and has been completely eradicated.

Jane Lopez's class is still a bit behind the revolution, but there's plenty to learn.

Robin DiAngelo, after all, was late to this game too.

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