Scientists use Sex to Trap Venom-Spitting Hornets

Could murder hornets possibly be defeated through sex? Recent science supports this conclusion.

Although it's been quite a while since the news about the nearly two-inch East Asian terrors has reached our ears, they are still around us.

Researchers may now have the answer to getting rid of them once and for all.
It turns out that male hornets can be lured away. They'll follow the queen's lead, and sex pheromones will lure them. A “come and get it” approach may be the best way to get rid of them. They first appeared on the scene in 2019.

The New York Post provides more details about the pestilence.

These wily bugs have a stinger that measures about one quarter inch in length.

The honey bee colony and crop fields can be ravaged by the murder hornet, which threatens both people and their livelihoods.

In the Pacific Northwest, the first nest was found in 2019. A few flyers were captured by workers who attached a transmitter using dental floss.

Experts discovered a hive that was the size of a basketball, created by one of the insidious insects.

Staff from the Washington State Department of Agriculture removed 200 hornets.

Last summer witnessed a return. A Washington resident reported a sighting of the murder hornets again.

From a Press Release:

“WSDA entomologists reviewed the report and confirmed that it was an Asian giant hornet. A photograph was included in the report showing an Asian giant hornet attacking a nest of paper wasps in Blaine, just 2 miles from where WSDA exterminated the first Asian giant hornet colony in the United States.”

The exact same behavior was observed in the previous year.

Now, there is a new strategy to eliminate the raiders.

Per the press release;
“[T]he male murder hornet is attracted to the smell of the queen’s pheromones. This is a mixture of three acids. These acids can be purchased commercially and were used in traps that captured thousands of male murder hornets.”
The male murder hornets, which are believed to be looking for a breeding opportunity, end up falling prey to traps and eventually die.

“Male mates are attracted to the scents of females because they often mate near their nests,” says Professor James Nieh.

Nieh believes that a pheromone bait can attract a large portion of male murder hornets to the trap within a mile.
The queens' access will be cut off to males, which will reduce the likelihood of murder hornets breeding and will result in a decrease in their population.

This would be ideal since the huge bugs can inject stingers and also spray venom into victims' eyes.
2013 saw 28 deaths and many injuries from swarms of murder hornets in China's Shaanxi Province.
They live in the dead trees. And, just so you are aware: Experts recommend that you don't swat at one if they attack you. It is best to cover your face and run as fast as you can.

Are we going to make America the permanent home of murder hornets or will they be lured into extinction?
Whatever your opinion, one thing is certain: It's been a hell of a few years for natural attacks.

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