The Russian Army is being Attacked by Sabotage on Belarus Rail Lines that Transport Supplies to the Russian Army.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Belarus is facing an organized sabotage campaign that targets railroad lines carrying Russian troops into Ukraine.

According to TASS, the General Prosecutor for Belarus opened a criminal investigation into an act of terrorism committed by an organized group against the infrastructure of Belarusian Railway.

The general prosecutor stated that signaling equipment and other transport equipment had been rendered “unusable”.

Former security officers who supported the opposition in Belarus formed the BYPOL group. They claimed that a series of sabotage attacks had been carried out against the Belarusian railway system, disrupting the movement of military trains.

BYPOL sent a Telegram message to BYPOL saying, “Belarusians, today our country is drawn in a criminal and bloody struggle with the fraternal Ukrainian people at the side of the aggressor-the Russian Federation. It is our duty to do everything in our power and stop the Russian occupation and restore the good name and honor of our ancestors. ‘Rail war’ is the knowledge we have inherited. This is what we can do, and what each one of us can do.”

The map shows the Belarus rail network. It gives an idea about what is being discussed. The border between Ukraine and Belarus is still under the control of the Ukrainian Army. Therefore, the main rail lines that are of concern to the Ukrainian Army are those entering Belarus via Russia. They end in Gomel. These lines are used to resupply troops attacking Kiev.

Paramilitary patrols have been started by the Belarus railway system to protect the rail lines from damage. This is a Ukrainian site that cites a Belarus website on Telegram.

The current Belarusian government will send special forces in order to defend the railways in the country's south – Polissya.

The Belarusian Railways Association reported today that special forces of Internal Troops of Belarus will help in controlling railway tracks and infrastructure of Belarusian Railways in the south of Belarus (Gomel, Brest and border regions with Ukraine).

According to a pro-Ukraine Belarus website, several people were detained and charged for damaging rail lines.

“Eight people were arrested in Belarus following the outbreak of war in Ukraine”, according to Viasna's human rights center. They were accused of sabotage of Belarusian railways. According to railway workers, the “rail war” caused trains carrying Russian military equipment, ammunition, and other supplies to stop moving through Belarus. They could spend up to 15 years behind bars.

One year ago, Belarus was rocked by massive protests against the Putin-stooge Alexander Lukashenko's repressive regime.

The Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces in Ukraine are currently under increasing pressure on Russian forces. They will struggle to sustain themselves if an active insurgency in Belarus is able to take root, aimed at the rail line that supplies the Russian troops in the northern theater of the Ukrainian front. It is unclear how Lukaschenko will try to stop the insurgency that is growing in Belarus, which appears to be primarily the work and initiative of Belarusian citizens, rather than Ukrainian commandos. His flirtation with the idea of invading Ukraine, caused enough domestic problems that he had to give up his dream to become a Slavic Mussolini. Putin could see his “sphere of influence” transform into two countries that look to the West to help them with defense and business.

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