We all know that Lia Thomas’ “Victory” Is Failing. What are we going to do about it?

The usual amount of controversy erupted when Lia Thomas won the NCAA swimming championships in Atlanta. It was a controversial win that drew a lot more attention than the “yays”. It is clear why: Thomas is a biological man competing against biological women, and everyone in America can see why this is absurd.

The New York Times reported this:

“Thomas's victory in Atlanta, and her presence as a competitor at the swimming championships, came amid a much larger storm, especially in statehouses, and right-wing media about transgender girls and their participation in sports. This issue, which attracted a few demonstrators to Georgia Tech's complex hosting the championships on Thursday, has long plagued college sports.” It got worse as Thomas posted times that put opponents behind him and put new pressure on some college records.

The Times is correct – most of the opposition to Thomas' victory is coming from the right. But it seems that even feminists and women's groups are starting to protest the idea that biological males should be able compete with females. They claim that Thomas is using his biological advantage to dominate their sport and encroach upon their rights. RedState's 

Sarah Lee wrote this:“Since Lia has not made any real progress toward becoming a woman, other than hormone treatments and verbally accepting the female gender, the male parts of Lia remain.” 

Some reports also indicate that Lia is interested in dating women. This all feels very much like something women have had to face in one way or another: men replacing them and receiving accolades for their hard work and accomplishments.

It's starting to feel a lot more like toxic misogyny.

RedState's Sister Toldjah agreed with Lee's sentiments and pointed out that women who speak out against the idea that biological males should not compete in women’s sports are often silenced. She wrote:

“Surprisingly, the exact same scenario is unfolding right now. Every woman, even those who are highly regarded as feminists and/or LGBT icons, who protests the inclusion of biological males in women’s sports is told to be quiet and sit down. This shutuppery comes from the same side of the aisle that shouted through megaphones just a few decades ago about how the GOP was waging a war on women because of pro-life laws and judges who seemed to agree with that philosophy and were being confirmed.”

This debate has been going on for years and the far left is trying to convince America that Thomas’ “victory” should be celebrated. They want to make this a reality by making transphobic bastards look bad for giving any praise at all. They want to intimidate people into following their nonsense. They have managed to continue this absurdity for so many years.

Let's get rid of the horse manure.

This is a mistake that everyone knows. It is obvious to all of us, regardless of our political affiliation. The Emperor has no clothes. What are we going to do about it?

We should not be silent just because the hard leftists who want to praise Thomas are loud and obnoxious. Thomas' parents have spoken out on behalf of their daughter. Parents of other female athletes have spoken out as well.

We need more.

These progressives who promote this foolishness aren't invincible. They also don't have a monopoly over speech. Protests by female athletes and their families should be loud. Voters should back officials who are open to taking on this issue without fear of being called a bigot. We must stop pretending that the far-left cannot be defeated.

Do you need proof?

Take a look at the current debates about Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Theory, and other progressive ideas being instilled in America's schools. We witnessed parents protest in full force. They protested at the attempted indoctrination by swarming school board and council meetings. RedState's Kira Davis is one of many candidates for school board seats. She wants to get rid of those who support the infusion of wokeism into schools.

Simply put, we are winning. Despite the constant whining of the left, voters in Florida have passed legislation that protects parents' rights to know what their children are learning. They are winning against those who believe that children belong to the state and not the parents.

This will change if people who disagree with the idea that males should compete with females are ready to come out in force to fight back. It must. We must be prepared to fight against cry-babies, who will pretend that we are bigots. This new trend will be established. It will eventually be too late to fight back. Is it possible to win this war?

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