Believing in the Faith: Always remember to pray

I wrote this one week ago, but am nervous to release it as it's so simple and straightforward. But, it's been in my mind since. Even after typing the entire thing out, I am finding that I need to remind myself, “Perhaps someone who reads this may be feeling the same.”

I'm an Aspirational Organizer. In other words, I'm saying my desire to be better organized than I currently am. There are moments when I am able to bring a particular aspect of my life to order; however, much like the game of Whack-a-Mole, when one thing is completed, another rears its ugly head.

One way I attempt to tackle this is to keep an agenda/day-timer (mine is called a “Day Designer”). Although I am a huge fan of technology and the myriad of applications that help me keep my thoughts and other things together, having a physical copy to record my appointments, tasks, plans, dreams, and tasks can be helpful.

Recently, I've been including “Pray” at the beginning and the end of each day. This seems, perhaps, ridiculous. It's like making a list of “shower,” or “get dressed,” or “breathe.” It should be a natural thing but I'm guilty of admitting the need for a reminder. But…I do.

It's not like I don't always pray without a reminder. Actually I pray often. However, often, it's just a brief thought – an instantaneous concern that is redirected to God but swiftly rewritten in the subsequent “SQUIRREL!” that wanders across my easily distracted brain.

What I've failed to do is create an area in my day to concentrate completely – purposefully and consciously- on praying. I'm an unwavering believer in the power of prayer, and I realize that it is not important whether my prayers are for small things or large things, since all things are possible when you trust in God.

The most important thing is how I go about it. Put down the phone, switch off the television and the computer, and anything else that is distracting with notifications, cleanse my mind of the chaos, and be in tune with God.

The note I have in the notebook of my “Day Designer” isn't a “To Do” to complete my list. It's a gentle prod, a message to praise God for the numerous blessings that have come into my life as well as the wonders of His creations: the sun's warm glow that greeted me, and the beautiful robin that I saw on my Sunday walk, and to ask Him to help a friend in recovering from illness, to heal another friend's spine, broken hearts, or another's troubled mind. I pray that He will protect all the citizens of Ukraine and all others trapped in the crossfires of a war-ravaged world, as well as can soften the hearts of the most cruel of dictators so to make them turn from their evil towards Him, and help elected officials take the initiative and become true leaders.

There are a myriad of issues that you should pray for and it may be endless, but none of them are beyond God's reach. Although I know it isn't always the case that prayers are answered in the manner I believe, I do believe that prayers are heard.

This is what I tell myself -as well as anyone else who might need the reminder to pray.

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