Clarence Thomas Is Hospitalized–and the Left quickly loses their minds.

The Supreme Court announced on Sunday that Justice Clarence Thomas was in the hospital.

Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. Friday night due to flu-like symptoms. The doctor conducted tests and Thomas was confirmed to have an infection and is receiving intravenous antibiotics. The symptoms are improving and he's resting at home, and expects to be discharged from hospital in the next couple of days. Justice Thomas will participate in the examination and discussion of any cases in which he's not present using the transcripts, briefs, as well as the audio recordings of oral arguments.

Thomas is the second oldest on the Court at present, Justice Stephen Breyer, who is 83 and is retiring when a replacement has been confirmed. Joe Biden has nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to succeed Breyer. The hearings begin in the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow.

It appears that Thomas is recovering and taking medications. As we've witnessed in the past, the Court isn't always able to reveal medical concerns immediately. They aren't likely to divulge information until they've said something positive. We're not always up to date, but it's nice to know that he is doing better.

According to CBS News correspondent Matt Pieper, the illness isn't COVID-related.

The majority of Americans wished him a full recovery. However, many on the left showed what nasty and evil individuals they are and didn't have any compassion because they're a part of the leftist ideology. They weren't just void of any sense of compassion for Thomas; however, they also propagated false conspiracy theories about his wife.

The Daily Caller shared in a recent story that Thomas’s wife conducted an interview for him back in the year 2018 to the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) In the interview, she asked him what kept him strong throughout the many obstacles and threats he's had to face.

To begin the conversation, Thomas’s wife asked her husband to explain the “lessons learned” during his ascendance to the Supreme Court, citing his “wingspan” from “poverty in Georgia” to “left-wing radicals” and more. “When you look at why you're still here or how you managed to survive, it's beyond me.” Justice Thomas said in reply, “Certainly, it would be miracle after miracle after miracle,” the Justice said about the way he got to his present post.

Mrs. Thomas asked her husband about the role that humility plays in his professional and personal life. “It focuses you,” the Justice explained, directing the discussion to the importance of faith and faith-based work. “Because it tells you not to focus on whether you're praised or criticized.”

He continued:

“What really matters is whether or not you do what you are called to do,” Justice Thomas said. “Faith … It gives content and meaning to the oath I took. At the end of my oath … you say, ‘so help me, God.' It's an oath to God,” the Justice explained. “So, if you have a strong faith in God, then that oath gains in meaning and content. So, when you violate that, you're not violating a contract or a mere promise, but an oath to God.”

“I go to Mass before I go to work, and the reason for that is not just habit,” he stated. “It … starts you in a way of doing this job, a secular job, the right way for the right reasons.”

Evidently, Thomas has tougher skin than liberals and that's what's kept him going throughout his life.

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