Zelensky goes too Far and Smacked a Nerve with Israel Comment

Volodymyr Zelensky has continued to govern a country which is in turmoil. Although the Russian assault on the European nation has been slowed down at times, it also displayed strength that was undervalued. It's clear that Vladimir Putin's army has suffered embarrassing moments and clearly aren't as powerful as their propaganda implied, but this doesn't mean they cannot remain victorious at the end.

Naturally, that puts Zelensky to the task of seeking his supporters in every manner he can. Given the circumstances, it's hard to blame his motives for certain remarks he's made. However, a recent comment regarding the Holocaust is causing a stir in even the most ardent worldwide supporters of the Ukrainian president.

It's one thing to ask for help from other nations in harsh terms. It's a different matter to alter the course of history in an offensive manner in the course of that. This is the kind of thing Zelensky did in this instance, whether intentionally or not. This is certainly the reason some people who have spoken warmly of Zelensky are now saying that this was an overstep.

It's true, Zelensky himself is Jewish This is what makes Russian claims that the nazis are secretly in hiding seem absurd. However, the history of Ukraine isn't a matter of discussion. The collaboration between Ukraine and Nazi Germany was not only common within Ukrainian leaders in the past; it was also prevalent in the general population. Today, the nazi elements that are present within Ukraine remain far greater than one could be happy with. As said before, it's not a major issue to Russia's invasion and it's not a reason for it. However, it's not something that is easily ignnored.

Zelensky's interpretation of the issue of Israel is also unjust because it doesn't take into account the reality of the real world. Russia has control over Syria via proxy. There are important military deals that exist between Israelis, as well as the Russians, which permit the latter to eliminate terrorist threats inside of Syria. This isn't an issue of rhetoric and is more about placing Israelis in physical danger should these agreements be dissolved. This is the reason why Israel has been extremely cautious regarding how they've dealt with Russia after the attack on Ukraine. It's true that countries can step in to assist Ukraine in any way they are able, but there shouldn't be a need for a country to place its own citizens in danger for doing that.

Zelensky is in desperate need of help. So his comments are understandable, considering the circumstances he's in. But, he needs to be savvy in his choices. The Nazi history of Ukraine is an actual fact. Referencing the Holocaust while asking for help from the Israelies, is an enormous mistake due to the large number of Ukrainians that contributed to the perpetuation of the horror of the Holocaust.

It ought to be evident to Zelensky there are no countries that will be coming to his assistance in the sense of physical assistance. The risk of a world war is too much. Furthermore, a country like Israel that imposes sanctions and harms its self-defense isn't likely to stop Russia even in the slightest. Given the current situation, it is crucial for Zelensky to be honest in his decision about his alternatives. If Ukraine is able and desires to fight the war, then that's their choice. However, trying to shame other nations into a direct battle against Russia is not a feasible route. It is important to accept that, and any other decision must be made with that in mind.

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