Bill Barr Nukes Joe Biden when he is asked about Hunter Laptop Investigation Hunter Laptop Investigation

One thing that's been a source of frustration for a long time – even when president Donald Trump was in office, is that Democrats aren’t responsible for any wrongdoing. Between John Brennan's CIA spying on Congress, to Hillary Clinton's private servers, everyone played. Nobody has ever been subject to any legal or criminal consequences.

Then we got the Russia collusion saga, possibly the most disgusting secret in the history of mankind because it utilized the media and government against an opponent to the political system and also receiving Russian disinformation. Bill Barr could have had something to say about it as he was aware of the reality; however, he let the opportunity pass and we now have to believe that the special counsel John Durham will be able to take action while Joe Biden is in office. The former DNI John Ratcliffe said he expected to see more indictments to be forthcoming in the Russia investigation.

Barr was questioned about the probe involving Hunter Biden's laptop on “America Reports” by co-host John Roberts. This is when Barr was able to nab Joe Biden.

Barr said he  felt “very disturbed” that Biden “lied to the American people” regarding the laptop at the time of the Presidential debate, in October of 2020.

“He's squarely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people that was baseless–which he knew was a lie. And I was shocked by that,” Barr stated.

Barr went on to say more in his statement, saying that he believed the computer's suppression was an instance of “election interference,” but Barr said he was not going to “venture an opinion” on the possibility that Joe Biden could face any “legal liability” for lying and concealing details about the laptop.

“From a political standpoint now that this is in people's consciousness, it had been suppressed up until now, obviously they have a hot potato and just to see how they handle it will be interesting,” Barr said.

Barr stated that the DNI as well as the FBI declared that they didn't believe it was Russian disinformation.

He's also affirming, even today, and that the intel letter was not legitimate even admitting the letter could be “election interference.” It's just a bit too late. The actions to discredit Biden and all Russian disinformation lies should have been completed before the election; that's when they could have been a big difference.

If Biden was prosecuted for this, or impeached and the outcome was Kamala could be in charge, the Democrats are still able to benefit from the deceit and lies. Barr will also deny any claim that there was “election interference,” when the truth was that there was a pattern and Biden was the one who covered it up. So, while he's correct to finally label the matter “election interference,” where was he in the beginning?

In the end, Barr  is now proving Joe Biden is a liar to the world. He's confirming that Biden deceived the American public. And even in the event that it's already too late, Biden has to be held accountable as we don't yet know how much Biden has been affected. It is crucial, now more than ever before, that Congress be able to do its job and find out the truth about the laptop, as well as on the lying.

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