Intelligence Analysis Suggests Putin Could Resign, but is That Actually Possible?

I'm not a huge fan of the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Any rational person would not be if they were paying close attention to the way his nation has changed since the year 2008.

This past Sunday I took an in-depth look at how bad it's gotten, especially since certain Americans who declare that they love the country or the presidency of Donald Trump are now offering an excuse for Putin and the invasion into Ukraine by putting up my article. “Trump is being swindled by anyone who says they support Both Him and Putin's invasion.” If you're among those who aren't convinced that airheads exist, take a look at the comments in the article. It truly is informative.

Although I'm not a fan of Russia's leader, I'm a realist and I know how the world operates.

As a reformer, he helped to improve the miserable Russian economy in the 1990s, and has used the modest results of those programs to propel his mission to make Russia an active player in the world again. One of the goals is to ensure that regions that were once part of the Soviet Union regions come back under Russian control.

It appears as if he underestimated his progress into Ukraine and is paying the price, not just in the international arena, but perhaps even domestically.

The Kremlin is unable to hide the turmoil in the country, both with Putin and with what he regards as the unsatisfactory work done by his staff; as well as those in his circle that are looking at him with a side eye for  his actions in the aftermath of his invasion into Ukraine. In this case my colleague Streiff wrote this story last week. The Top General of Putin's Personal Army Is Arrested by FSB. In that report:

Multiple sources report that Vladimir Putin has ordered the detention and arrest of general Roman Gavrilov, the deputy director of Rosgvardiya which is also known as Rosgvardiya, or the National Guard of Russia. The Russian National Guard is not to be confused with that of our National Guard. Rosgvardia is composed of internal security personnel that range from police to paratroops and special forces who directly report to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and whose responsibility is the security for the stability of our state.

The report goes on to reveal how there has been a little bit of shifting of announcements from the Kremlin on what happened to Gavrilov. Gavrilov also has been detained by others and this could mean that he is somebody who could face some sort of opposition that hasn't been faced since he took authority over the Russian state in the year 2000.

There is talk of Putin being replaced by different methods as the head of Russia.

From The Foreign Desk…

The incendiary statement was made by the Directorate of Intelligence, Chief Directorate of Intelligence for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Sunday, via an announcement on the ministry's official page on Facebook. The headline of the post is, “Poisoning, sudden disease, accident–Russian elite considers the possibility of removing Putin.”

“In the environment of the Russian business and political elite, a group of influential persons opposing [Vladimir Putin] is formed,” the article reads. “Their goal is to remove Putin from power as soon as possible and restore economic ties with the West, destroyed due to the war in Ukraine.”

The group is not just planning to possibly assassinate Putin. According to the report, it is also deciding to nominate a successor: Alexander Bortnikov, who currently is Russia's Federal Security Service director, and was the head of the study of the Ukrainian army and its capabilities prior to the latest invasion.

This report is probably part of the war on public relations which all organizations engage in to get inside their opponents' heads. The interesting part is that Ukrainec when it releases this report, is doing exactly the same thing that Russia has done previously. This must irk certain people within the Kremlin for the sagacity of Ukraine officials to take this step.

Putin is likely to not be in danger of replacement, but the Russian president is under pressure in a manner Putin has never faced before and how he handles this will determine the possibility of him remaining in his current position. The war is100 % on his shoulders. The world allowed him to slide intoGeorgia during 2008, and Crimea during 2014. He didn't anticipate this kind of reaction from Ukraine or even the rest of the world and looking in the mirror is probably an overwhelming experience for him now.

The excuses of Putin supporters or Putin himself won't change anything.

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