Desperate Much? Democrat Challenger Slams DeSantis for “MAGA Trolling”

Another person's position against the other’s–the focus on one's own achievements or position is a strategy that is as old as politics itself. It's part of the game. But a new campaign from Rep. Charlie Crist (D.FL) who is hoping to take on Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2022 governor's race, is the cake.

Before we get into Crist, let's lay out the obvious. There is a reason why the Democratic Party is terrified of Ron DeSantis. Like the left, they are terrified of conservatives who have the ability to not just confront them regularly but also have an audience large enough to make a difference.

Then there's Charlie Crist, who now claims that the governor is not paying enough attention to Floridians’ needs due to being too engaged in “MAGA trolling.”

MAGA trolling?

The left-leaning online Media Matters for America may not be a reliable source for much of anything, but the claims of Crist are so absurd, it’s necessary to look at the phrase MAGA trolling within the context he used it.

MAGA trolls: Social-media stars who have gained fame for their support of Donald Trump's “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) message as well as those who identify as “alt-right.”

Pro-Trump MAGA trolls and self-identified members from the “alt-right” include far-right social-media stars such as Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, Laura Loomer and white supremacists who identify themselves under “alt-right” labels.

Again, silly. “Shockingly,” Crist followed the tweet up with another tweet to raise money. “Help me stop Ron from obtaining another term. Can we get 300 new online donors today?”

How is it that Crist states that DeSantis is disregarding his voters because he's busy MAGA trolling, and then after 10 minutes, he calls him “Ron”? How polite.

Let's try to discover the reasons why Charlie Crist thinks Ron DeSantis isn't just a MAGA troll but also, as Florida’s governor, has obliviously ignored his own constituents. We'll see… Maybe it's because of his support for Florida's parental-rights legislation as well as the “Stop WOKE” Act, both of which do not just ban radical ideas in classrooms across the Sunshine State but also give parents the legal right to know the curriculum their children are being “taught.”

Perhaps it's because DeSantis recently informed a group of students that they don't have to wear masks, telling them it was time to “stop with this COVID theater.”

Perhaps it was because the governor was completely ticked off after Biden’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) removed his Emergency Use Authorization for two monoclonal antibodies used to treat patients suffering from COVID. DeSantis has been a proponent of the use of these antibodies, and Florida created a system of clinics where they've been successfully employed to treat the disease.

Ah, wait. Perhaps it was the estimated $1-billion cut in Florida’s gas tax to give relief from rising gas prices for motorists at the pump, as President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg promote EVs (electric vehicles) as the perfect solution, which is both foolish and ignorant.

Maybe it was DeSantis's declaration the previous day that Florida doesn't acknowledge the transgender athlete Lia Thomas' victory in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) 500-yard women's freestyle swimming race on Thursday. He instead declared Sarasota native Emma Weyant, the runner-up, to be the “rightful winner” in his state.

Welp, we’re still stumped. Let’s continue researching to find out more about the Florida governor's “MAGA trolling” and report back.

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