Florida’s Newest Fake News: “Say Gay” Is Trending

Democrats have a hard time learning their lessons. False information will always catch up to them. That's the reason they couldn't take on Donald Trump. It's important for news to be accurate, or people will grow angry with the media.

Nikki Fried, Florida’s commissioner of agriculture, isn't concerned about the facts. What she is concerned about is the power trip she might take in the event that she wins the governor's race. She'd be thrilled to throw Governor Ron DeSantis to the curb to ruin the state with her left-wing ideas.

But there are a few issues. Ron DeSantis is a beloved governor. The state of Florida loves his work because he has done all he can to defend Floridians from the ridiculous policies of President Joe Biden's administration. Furthermore, Fried has nothing to provide. We've seen her failings at departmental offices such as the Department of Agriculture–along with her absurd spending to get her picture posted at every gas station in the state.

All of this doesn't bother Fried, who has decided to take the liberal path and use a lie to capture the position. Maybe she borrowed a line out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook. In any case, Floridians have already realized that Fried can't offer them anything. She cannot think of a way to showcase her talents, so she will instead rely on criticizing what DeSantis has done.

Fried has taken the plunge to invest fully in her “Say Gay” campaign–and that means putting up billboards across the coast. This is in response to the Parental Rights in Education Bill, passed by the Florida legislature. It aims to ensure that children in kindergarten to second grade don't learn about sexual orientation or gender identity within their classrooms.

Democrats have decided that the law doesn’t allow a person to declare him or herself as “gay.” That's completely incorrect. There's no evidence that using the word gay is forbidden, as DeSantis himself has pointed out several times. The bill just involves banning discussion of the material within the classrooms of children aged five, six, or seven years of age. And there's no requirement for it to be banned at home. If parents are interested in this type of discussion in private, they can do so in the privacy of their own homes.

Leftists, such as Nikki Fried, are desperate to “humiliate Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans for their disgusting and shameful behavior,” as Kim Mangone, the former Democrat candidate for Congress, expressed it.

What Mangone and the other members of the group do not realize is that there's absolutely nothing sexist about what DeSantis and the other Republicans have done. What is embarrassing is that liberals believe it's acceptable to direct teachers to instruct young children aged five to six years old about gender dysphoria and homosexuality.

The Southern Progress PAC has been striving to raise as much funding as possible to spend on additional “Say Gay” billboards placed throughout the state. They've already spent nearly $300,000 to promote this false story–and are constantly pushing the term everywhere they travel.

DeSantis has been very open about the issues that Democrats have been trying to promote. “Here's what I have to say to you. For the State of Florida, we aren't going to let them inject transgenderism into the kindergarten.” He went on to say that “first graders shouldn't be forced to accept…woke gender-based beliefs imposed on their education.”

Maybe the liberals need to stop for a second and think about why it's crucial for children in kindergarten to understand gender-based discrimination. It's nonsense–along with the billboards–merely to show how “advanced” the Democratic Party has become.

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