Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon’s PSA Video Falls Short of Proving He Is Tough on Crime

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is trolling city residents. This is the only reason for the pathetic PSA (public service announcement) video posted on the L.A. County D.A.'s website. It's ostensibly designed to “help” citizens combat car theft.

This week, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore reported on the rise in violent crime within Los Angeles, the City of Angels. It's bad–really bad.

Throughout the past year, the Department saw an increase in robberies in different communities of Los Angeles. Particularly concerning is the fact that there was an increase in the amount of violence utilized during these robberies as well as the frequency of the use of firearms. In the Board of Police Commission meeting on March 22, 2022, Chief Moore addressed citywide robbery statistics as well as crime-prevention methods, including situational awareness and mitigation.

Regarding robberies that have occurred throughout the city, the City of Los Angeles recorded the following data: citywide robberies are up 18 percent year-to-date as compared to 2021, which was an increase of 5 percent over 2020; year-to-date, the number of robberies in cities using guns increased by 44 percent (+221) in 2021, up 57 percent (+261) in comparison to 2020 and up by 60 percent (+270) compared to 2019; year-to-date, citywide robberies using firearms accounted for 36 percent of the crimes and 74 percent of the year-to-date total increase in robberies. The areas of South Bureau (227) and 77th Street (102) had the highest number of gun-related robberies.

Gascon is facing a wall. On one side, he's closer to being placed on the recall block than his colleague, San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin, was. The initial “Recall Gascon” attempt failed, but a follow-up signature-gathering effort could be successful. People are incredibly dissatisfied with not only Gascon's ineffective policies, which favor criminals at the expense of victims but also his smug attitude towards the increasing crime that has been a result of this.

Gascon was confronted by the evidence of a “juvenile,” now-transgendered sexual offender who he allowed to go unpunished even after the offender boasted on video that he not only did it but was also elated at how he played the system. In response, Gascon explained that the city’s juvenile system, in its current version, was not able to provide the necessary assistance to a person aged 26 who is facing these problems, except for an adult-oriented system. For most people, a few years in prison is sufficient, but that might not be the case for “Mrs. Tubbs.” He indicated that if they had been aware of “her” apathy to the harm “she” had done, law enforcement would have dealt with this case in a different way. Admitting that the issues and facts of the case in question were complicated and unique and he ought to have handled them as such, he said the policy change would give them the opportunity to make that happen moving forward.

His recent car-theft video clearly demonstrates how far he's removed from the growing crime that is due to his lapses, incompetence, and inability to perform this job properly: prosecute criminals. From the CrimeNews Hub: The embattled Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon with a soaring rate of criminality in his area has released a video this week that provides strategies for residents to be able to stop thieves from taking their cars. The news comes as he's facing another recall campaign in less than a year of being in office and is struggling to fight accusations that he's soft with criminals and treating their victims unfairly.

“In Los Angeles County, we're seeing a noticeable increase in auto theft,” Gascon mentions in the clip. “My office is working with our law enforcement partners to hold accountable the people involved in this property crime.”

He then lists some tips for car owners, which could help in preventing criminals who might be looking to steal. 

The first: Always secure your car's door. What is the reason that people living in a city keep their cars locked? This is another example of Gascon's elite disconnect from the world the majority of humanity lives in.

Don't leave a spare key in your car. What kind of stupid person would think this? Most Southern Californians make use of their garages as storage and then park at the curb. Hey, you're a man!

Park in a well-lit area. It's not that important, as most people don't live near the main highway. Have you been to North East Pasadena or Altadena at night? Have you ever thought about how you would feel about La Canada Flintridge? How about the Hollywood Hills? Once you've left the main street, the chances of street lighting are drastically reduced. In the next step, he'll probably recommend carrying a flashlight.

Install an anti-theft device for your car. Tell that to the Lamborghini owner who believed it was completely safe outside the well-lit downtown LA highrise. Many street lights and even other pedestrians were around, but this guy was still slammed for his expensive car. A quick reminder: No anti-theft gadget will do you much good if a car burglar simply holds you at the point of a gun.

Here's another false statement in the video. Gascon stated that he is “working with law enforcement to hold accountable the people responsible for these property crimes.”

However, when Gascon was inaugurated on December 7, 2020, he swiftly implemented his orders. The D.A.'s office is not seeking the death penalty for any reason. Juveniles are not charged as adults, regardless of how horrific their crimes are. Gun and gang enhancements to deter violent criminals with longer prison times–out the window! And what about bail? It continues. If the person who shot the Lamborghini proprietor is a minor or his/her infraction is a first-time offense? This perpetrator is protected in the event of being arrested and convicted. This is Gascon's Los Angeles, and people do not like it at all.

This is an interesting informational tidbit: In mid-December, Gascon launched a diversion program for young people accused of crimes, such as burglary, robbery, sexual assault and theft of vehicles. There’s no estimate of how many of the people who participated in the diversion program have been charged with car thefts; however, the program has dealt with only approximately 20 people each month for the past three months in a region that has greater than 10 million people.

This small PSA move is just an attempt to disguise the train wreck Gascon's policies caused. Similar to his Governor Hair Gel, Gascon figured the perfect way to appear to be taking citizen complaints seriously, and taking some action is all that's required.

A real change is required, but instead, Gascon decides to play Michael Scott from The Office. Tax dollars working for you, Los Angeleans.

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