Never Trumper Infighting: Former Lincoln Project Co-Founder Goes on the Offense

The Lincoln Project and all those associated with it have always been an enthralling source of comedy. They tried to take down Donald Trump when he was president, taking themselves down in the process with their actions.

The public knew that there was something going on after the Lincoln Project posted about their co-founder and former associate Steve Schmidt, who quit the Lincoln Project in February 2021, following the media’s reporting on the sexual allegations made against another founder, John Weaver, and after news of a $1.4-million home that Schmidt had allegedly purchased in Utah. The Lincoln Project's website states Schmidt hasn't had any contact with the group since November 2021. This is an interesting claim.

The post from the group causes one to wonder what Schmidt has said about whatever it is that the Lincoln Project wants to run away from. It appears that Schmidt is tweeting a few claims. Some of those remarks concern those who are involved in the Lincoln Project as well as New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. It's a joy to watch the Never Trump group explode and shoot at one another. At the moment, with people connected to the Lincoln Project, it's a continuous explosion. So relax, enjoy the popcorn, and watch them shoot at each one another.

“Today will be my final series of tweets on Access JOURNALISM and the deep rot that afflicts so much of the American political press,” Schmidt tweeted in a long thread. “There can be no democratic process, nor freedom without an open press. I'll give you an insight into the corruption by publishing a series of emails that I have exchanged with @maggieNYT. me…Take note of a few things. (A) Haberman threatens me and accuses me of intimidating her. It's ludicrous. (B) Haberman accuses me of intimidating her by affidavit affirmative statement. It's a mystery. (C) TheRickWilson and I spoke with her on the call mentioned above. The discussion was all focused on John Weaver and a NY TIMES report written by @dannyhakim as well as @Jo_Becker on John Weaver and the Lincoln Project. I'm trying to be certain about a few issues before I clarify the situation. This is the Weaver story in its simplest form. The stories that were published about the time focused on this fact. John Weaver texted men with sexual inclinations. This was a public revelation [at] the time…@ProjectLincoln, and not dealt with as a result of the fact that addressing it would have halted the flow of money we used to afford a lavish lifestyle.”

Schmidt claimed he wasn't aware of the stories and also that he was not living in a big house. After denying allegations about his house, he went on to accuse Haberman of knowing about it before he did.

“In my case that was a house written about in an @ap story by @sppeoples. I have debunked those claims by releasing personal financial documents this week. It was never true. I spent hours on the phone answering the question about John Weaver. My answer has never changed. I didn't know and would have no conceivable reason why I would. I have been called a liar by anonymous sources on this question. It is not true. What is true is @maggieNYT knew for at least three years. When we were on the phone she said it was 10 but denied this in the e-mail.”

What's your reaction to that? Maggie? What would she have done?

“I was interviewed for hours about what month I found out in 2020. Did @maggieNYT ever step forward and say to a senior editor on a really big political/investigative story that the premise was wrong? Of course not. One last thing before the texts. No doubt @maggieNYT will position herself as some type of victim in all of this. She will be deeply affronted that I have released this to show the rot.”

He says he didn't “interview” Trump. However, that wasn't the main version of the story. The reported version was that he was looking for an interview with Trump, but Trump was not interested. Schmidt admits to having been in contact with Trump, but he describes the prospective meeting as one to inquire about work.

Although Schmidt may not be trustworthy, it’s funny that he's adamantly attempting to destroy other people who have criticized Trump.

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