CNN Commentator Reveals His Horror over “Anti-Maskers” and Tucker on Flight

On Friday evening, CNN commentator Chris Cillizza was on his way to a conference by plane when he shared an important message with his 642,000 followers on the Twitter social-networking platform. He felt it was so urgent that it could not wait for another second to be shared. ”Couple in front of me on flight refused to wear masks. They were tuned to ‘Tucker’ the whole time.”

To be fair, CNN is only nominally an information provider nowadays, and how many viewers make up the definition of an “audience” is debatable. Many have written about the network's inability to capture viewers’ attention. CNN's ratings have fallen by an astonishing 90 percent recently.

Now, the main issue with Cillizza's insightful reporting about the horrible people with whom he had to travel is that none of the airlines want to keep the mask charade going anymore. The chief executives of all of the largest US carriers wrote the Biden Administration, practically begging them to repeal the federal transportation requirement–simply because, in their opinions, it's been a whole year since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released information regarding how ineffective masking inside is for the majority of Americans.

However, that's not all. There's a more significant element to this story–a real-time illustration of the insanity the mask cult causes those who adhere to it, such as Cillizza. They are required to make a public spectacle of themselves in order to keep their purity and good standing. Therefore, anyone who considers himself a journalist, such as Cillizza, has a strong desire to make an embarrassing self-promise via social media.

It was also strange that he seemed so enthralled about what these strangers were doing that he tracked the group for the whole time they were viewing Tucker Carlson Tonight. How could he be sure that they weren't switching to a film or anything else?

Some of the users who responded to Cillizza's tweet were armed with an array of old images of newspaper headlines and tweets, which appeared to have been prepared for an opportunity similar to this. For instance, Twitter user “Bloodborne2” made several comments regarding Cillizza and the media that is part of the activist movement. 

Unfortunately for Cillizza… He'll have to repeat it one billion-and-one times since we weren't convinced the first time he spoke about it.

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