Hot Mic Reveals Death Threat Against Marsha Blackburn Following Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Hearing

We live in the most absurd of times. Naturally, asking any pertinent question to Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden's Supreme Court nominee, is the basis for moaning and wailing. In this regard, a none more powerful moment occurred during recent Senate confirmation hearings than the one that took place when Senator Marsha Blackburn (R.TN) asked Jackson what women are.

In typical far-left fashion, the nominee claimed that she couldn't be sure because she was not a “biologist.” Any seven-year-old girl can explain the characteristics of a woman and what she is, but a person who wants an appointment for life on the most prestigious seat of justice in the world can't? It would be funny if it weren't so tragic and depressing.

In a stupid world, Blackburn has been the one to take the brunt of criticism for daring to question Jackson's misguided worldview. This has resulted in a death threat, whether real or not, originating from the school board of Nashville, one of the largest cities in Tennessee. Blackburn is the state’s representative in the U.S. Senate.

Townhall provided a transcript of the speech for those unable to view the video.

“Have you been watching these? Supreme Court …,” says an unidentified voice.

“Let me tell y'all,” adds another.

“She is something else,” is the opinion of one, possibly speaking about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“Let me tell y'all,” repeats one.

“I love her,” exclaims one, indicating Biden's nominee for SCOTUS.

“Can we just go set Marsha Blackburn on fire?” one person asks, directing the conversation in a dark direction.

Would this crazy person really set Senator Blackburn on fire? Absolutely not! Let’s not be drama-filled. Yes, technically it could be considered a threat to kill; however, we wouldn't expect that person to act on the threat.

The thing that is most striking is just how absurdly absurd the entire exchange is. The only thing Blackburn did was ask Jackson to clarify what it is to be a woman. Why is the issue so significant? Because a variety of new laws protecting women's sports from transgender male players are set to be challenged over the next few years. In the end, a case of significance regarding the matter will be decided by the Supreme Court.

In that case, you can bet that it is crucial to know if Jackson is aware of what it means to be a woman, since that's an important aspect of the way she will rule on all matters pertaining to transgenderism. The students on school boards (and the majority of the left) continue to sneer at the issue, yet they're the ones who have pushed society to the point at which it needs to be addressed. It's not Blackburn who is responsible for this nonsense. The blame is on those who live so far away in left field that they can't even discern home plate and proclaim that a man can be a woman simply because he has said so.

How did we get to this level? The decades of the Republican Establishment insisting on the fact that culture wars are a waste of time and a shambles to the integrity of the political process had a part to play in it. The extreme left has been given full reign to spread their degeneracy throughout the last few decades up until the present, when figures such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, among others, finally began to rebuke such things as transgender endoctrination, Critical Race Theory, and the sexualization of children.

What happens when you repress a group of people who have the habit of not being in a position of opposition? They shout bloody murder, which is what's been going on lately. Recent headlines have actually implied that Jackson was treated less respectfully than Brett Kavanaugh, the latter of whom was wrongly accused of gang rape. In contrast, what's the most serious crime done by Republicans against Jackson? Asking her questions regarding her background and views.

Blackburn should not be put on the spot because she asked Jackson for a definition of what a woman is. Instead, she deserves to be praised for having the courage to question the delusional and irrational views from the left. It's not an accident that when she made her move, the whole house of cards fell. That's the reason why Blackburn is the target of many haters. It's not because she did anything wrong, but rather because she was right.

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