Putin’s Intimidation Tactic: One Finger on Big Red Button

Many believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is the world’s craziest man, second only to American President Joe Biden. And he is the one with that big red button–yes, that huge red button. Is this Russian president so insane that he would be willing to murder millions of people to obtain what he desires from Russia’s neighbour Ukraine? According to intelligence reports, Putin may be in that state of mental instability required to launch a nuclear bomb if it would assist in winning the conflict.

Senator Marco Rubio (R.FL) noted that “as you explode the nuclear weapon inside Ukraine depending on the weapon they…are able to detonate, even during a demonstration, it could spread radioactive material that could possibly cross borders. If radioactive material reaches into [the] Polish border, the Polish would claim that they were attacked.”

If Putin launches his nuclear explosive, NATO allies would be capable of joining to fight together against Russia. A nuclear explosion would almost definitely draw many other nations into war and result in many deaths.

Rubio is not the only one to hold these views about Putin. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D.IL) said that she agrees with Rubio. Nuclear fallout, the result of nuclear weapons, could affect people who are located thousands of miles away. This could trigger attacks along their western frontier. But Putin isn't equipped to wage conflict on two fronts.

Rubio pointed out that “radiation can cause death in people and certainly causes long-term health problems. This means that we're in uncharted territory at this moment. The risk in this scenario always lies in the fact there's a chance that…one person does something they do not consider to be crossing the line. But the people they're looking at consider it crossing a line. This is how…[a situation escalates].”

But let’s consider the bombings against Hiroshima and Nagasaki years ago. The bombs used at the time killed thousands but ended a conflict conducted by a nation that refused to surrender. The bombs were used to stop the war, not prolong one as Putin would prefer to do.

Putin’s pride is at stake. He has embarrassed himself and proved how weak Russia is to the rest of the world. The country experienced devastating losses within the first couple of weeks, and the situation only worsened for the Russian leader, until he decided to pull out the stops on his illogical campaign to dominate the world.

Some experts suggest that Putin might use a nuclear bomb to send an alarm shot to others to keep out of the way. However, the fallout from the weapon could create more problems for Putin, which he may not have considered. The radiation alone could be a problem for the majority of Russian residents and others around the world for a long time into the future.

The radiation from a nuclear weapon is released into the atmosphere and on the ground to the point that it is impossible for life to exist in the area until the radiation has lowered to manageable levels. Once it does, the medical calamities only start. Think of Chernobyl–however, in a larger way.

Russia is worried about the possibility of NATO retaliation, and Biden knows he has to complete his response prior to the next American presidential election. Joe Biden can only keep America away from its true path for a while before a new president arrives and pays Russia back.

Biden appears to be aiding Ukraine in their struggles, however, he's too scared to do anything significant because of the potential consequences. It's true that the “what-if” world is seldom what people imagined it would be. One thing is certain: the Ukrainian people have been asking for help, and no one has responded to this petition.

It is believed that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has escaped assassination attempts and is currently fighting for his own people. He's requested a no-fly zone to be constructed between his borders, but his pleas have been unanswered up to this point. He's doing what he has to do to safeguard his people…but the country won’t be safe for them if the red button is hit.

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