The Most Ridiculous Biden Take of the Day Involves CNN, in Addition to a Never-Trumper

CNN is well-known for its fake information. Who can forget that “fiery but peaceful protests” chyron that ran when they tried to minimize the violence of the BLM protests?

But, we have to give them credit for being precise in their assessment of the words Joe Biden said during his major talk in Poland. His team celebrated the remarks as being a major speech and iconic, similar to Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall.

Here's the talking points liberals would have to look at, as Washington Post's Jen Rubin and the liberal weasel Alexander Vindman confirm.

However, the discussion concerns how again it is Biden's White House that has to clean up the mess following Biden’s mistakes. The situation exploded once more due to his comments suggesting that his belief that the U.S. wants regime change against Vladimir Putin. This played right into Putin's advantage as Putin said that the United States is trying to take him down.

It's up to CNN this time, and they were extremely accurate about the things Biden made clear and included in their chyron “Biden: Putin cannot remain in power.” Biden declared “For god's sake, this man this man cannot remain in power.” For once we can claim that CNN was on the mark.

The result was a snub to Never-Trumper, Tom Nichols, who had perhaps the most absurd take on the topic. While there were a lot of negative Never Trump/liberal takeaways, it's not hard to say this was the worst take.

“This is irresponsible,” Nichols stated. “This chyron makes it seem like this is somehow a war aim.”

Therefore, it's unwise to use the words of Biden today. We're in the middle of the attempt to blame water for Biden's blunders. But, Tom, it isn't CNN who is responsible in this instance; the culprit is Joe Biden and, frankly, those like you who played a role in putting such untrustworthy people in this lofty position without a thought of how it gave way to radical leftists to promote their agenda, and not noticing how much Biden might hurt America by the lack of competence displayed throughout his life. Tom is furious that for the first time,CNN didn't take the time to clean it up or spin it in favor of Biden (at least, not in this particular instance). The issue Tom believes is the fact that CNN did not do their democratic duty of covering Biden's story on this issue. However, it's hilarious that liberals are angry with CNN for telling the truth. They're so familiar with them not doing this that it's an actual mindbender for them

But really, It's not a problem, because nobody is watching CNN.

Imagine being more annoyed with the chyron than the man who holds the highest office in the world being confused.

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