Welp, It’s Official! Fans are praising LeBron James as ‘the Most Hated Player in the NBA” — by a Long Shot

What does it take for a basketball legend to become a basketball superstar? Is it having won four NBA championships with three different teams? How can you go from being named “King,” and enjoying the admiration of fans old and young across America and around the basketball world, to then being voted by the fans “the most hated player in the NBA”? Easy.

In Michael Jordan's incredible life, Gatorade had a successful advertising campaign called “Be Like Mike.” Children all over America were eager to “be like Mike.” The older generation was looking to “be like Mike.” Perhaps it's just me, but I'm not able to recall having someone declare that they want to “be like LeBron.”

According to a recent study by BetOnline, which compiled negative tweets on athletes, James is the most disdained basketball player of the NBA by a huge amount; he was the subject of greater “hate tweets” than any other player.

Let's make this more concrete by examining the reality of professional sports in America. American sports fans are devoted to their sporting heroes. They admire their heroes with all their flaws. They usually forget their flaws. They always have, and I'm guessing they'll always will.

Except LeBron James.

In James's “greatest hits,” he threatened a police officer with the “You're Next” tweet after the officer fatally shot a 16-year old knife-wielding girl , who was poised to stab another girl.

James was completely smashed to pieces by Texas Senator Ted Cruz for kissing up to “communists” “tyrants,” and “murderers” in China.

The “King” was blistered by the well-known Civil Rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell for running his mouth following the shooting by Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The multizillionaire with bodyguards who are armed with more security and protections than many heads of state said:

“We're afraid because we are Black citizens in America. … Black men, Black women, Black kids. We're terrified.”

Oh, please.

The Daily Caller's David Hookstead nailed James also:

“LeBron James continues to behave as if he's a kid, and his conduct is embarrassing.”

If we don't like the actions of a child, what makes fans and teammates tolerate the same behavior by a grown man?

He must grow up.

Note for Dave: LeBron James is an undisputed expert of 37 years old on all things “racist” and hypocritical as hell, and that includes his own personal issues. He has more wealth than God. He's not going to become a man.

Although I'm not a big fan of GOAT arguments that claim to be the “greatest of all time” athletes, for any kind of sport (there are numerous aspects to take into consideration that go beyond championships). To me, that the definition of “greatest of all time” in any field must include the way a professional acts or conducts himself in the absence of their work. According to this measure, LeBron James is not the most outstanding ever in any field.

Other than trying to become “the most hated player in the NBA” of his time.

Somewhere, Michael Jordan is smiling.

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