White House Cleanup Crew Works Evenings as the absence of the “Mean Tweets” Becomes Palpable

It's been an impressive week for the White House communications team. Jen Psaki and those she supervises have had to tidy up a number of Joe Biden blunders, including those that could have been used to launch another world war.

According to one report, in one instance the president declared the fact that Vladimir Putin must not be allowed to stay in power. This was akin to an open declaration of war, which is why it was reported that the White House was left scrambling to defend his statements as being merely rhetorical and not literal. A day earlier, Biden seemed to suggest the imminent arrival of US troops into Ukraine and this was swiftly retracted.

Overall It's been quite a rollercoaster.

Concerning Jake Sullivan's clean-up on the use of chemical weapons, Biden believed it was appropriate to declare to Putin, his counterpart, that the US response would be determined by “how bad” the attack was. In an effort to avoid another “minor incursion” moment (in the previous one, Biden claimed that Russia could make the slightest of intrusions into Ukraine) the president stated that the US will react “in-kind.” Naturally, this could mean that chemical weapons would be used by NATO forces to retaliate. This is obviously absurd and certainly not something that the administration would like to do.

Yet, I can't ignore the absence of nasty tweets amidst all this. Yes, Biden was close to dragging the nation into a shooting war several times during this week alone. Iran has been firing missiles towards US consulates, as well as North Korea is testing ballistic missiles; however, by God the president is very friendly on Twitter! I'm overjoyed that huge portions of the American electorate , and nearly all of the news media, have decided that faux-decorum was the most pressing problem of the moment.

Sure, it's not a brand new complaint, but Biden continues to provide, every day, more proof of how ridiculous this election was, even forgetting about security concerns. The whole thing boils down to a gnashing of teeth about Trump's character without an ounce of thought about the way the country's economy and foreign policy could be affected. With inflation of 7.9 percent, and Russia entering Europe I'm sure we've seen the obvious repercussions of that situation.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Biden's presidency hasn't been able to bring about the era of normality and friendly gatherings around the campfire we were promised. Instead, the present administration is more polarizing, insecure, and opaque than any previous administration. Its absence on social media isn't much of a comfort, whether we're discussing Americans, Ukrainians, or anybody else.

While Leftists and friends in the media put their fingers into their ears.

It's all the fault of you that Biden cannot even finish an entire sentence, and that he continues to make huge mistakes on the global scene that could result in catastrophic results. We should not let Biden get down. But, at least he's got plenty of ice cream and four-day weekend getaways in Delaware to look forward to.

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