In less than a month, Russian Troop Casualties Are Up to 40,000, as Many suffer from Frostbite

With an estimated 40,000 deaths, and rising, Russia is experiencing six times more military deaths than the U.S. did during 20 years of combat during the wars in Iraq in the Middle East and Afghanistan. The losses aren't due to the lack of weapons or manpower; they're the result of ineffective strategic planning and unmotivated soldiers who were misled by the idea that they were conducting an exercise in the field and would be back home within two weeks.

Russia launched the offensive by deploying 190,000 poorly-trained troops. They have since been joined by combatants who hail from Syria, Chechnya, and other regions that support Russia. It is reported that the Russian journal Komsomolskaya Pravda recently cited the false number of 9,861 having been killed , with another 16,153 injured. The article was promptly removed and later republished without the death rate.

As the fighting intensified, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg ensured that the Russians were aware of the “hundreds of thousands” of NATO soldiers who were on alert, ready to jump into action at any moment. If NATO's allies receive the green light for participation, the U.S. will be forced to join in and the whole world will be unleashed.

“NATO has acted with speed and unity to protect and defend all Allies,” the official said. “There are currently many thousands of Allied troops on high alert throughout the Alliance. 100 million U.S. troops in Europe and 40,000 troops that are under NATO command, mainly in the eastern region of the alliance. All supported by significant naval and air power, including five carrier strike teams in areas in the High North and in the Mediterranean.”

If NATO enters the picture, they can complete the job quickly, provided China is patient and allows it to take place. If they decide to assist Putin, this could mean an end to the entire world as we know it, as nuclear long-range missiles destroy all that is in their path. At the moment, China remains an unknown subject, but one that warrants careful observation.

Stoltenberg explained the first stages of the strategy. “The first step is to deploy 4 new NATO battle groups to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, in addition to our current forces within the Baltic countries as well as Poland. This means that we'll have eight multinational NATO battle groups across the eastern ridge from the Baltic until and including the Black Sea.”

The Ukrainian military reported that it received a phone call from a Russian officer who was fighting cities like Mykolaiv. The officer stated that more than fifty percent of his soldiers suffered from frostbite, and that they were ineffective.

The officer continued to explain how the army was having a tough time getting rid of their dead, and that there were not enough tents around for those who haven't yet been killed, but are at an increased risk of being killed if they fail to have the things they require.

“We've picked up some indications that some of their soldiers are suffering from frostbite because they lack the appropriate cold-weather gear for the environment that they're in,” Stoltenberg stated. “They haven't — in addition to food and fuel, even in terms of personal equipment for some of their troops they're having trouble, and we've picked up indications that some troops have actually suffered and taken out of the fight because of frostbite.”

What we are aware of is that the Russian military isn't as incisive as Putin barks. But, as they continue following their master's orders, NATO may have to enter and shut them down. If the dragon is asleep and doesn't help the Russian dogs tuck their tails, NATO troops will destroy the entire dog kennel.

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