Biden Gets Caught Using Cheat Sheets to Get Ready for a Briefing and is Caught in a Big Lie

Joe Biden lies constantly. It's not a good time to be a part of the White House. However, on top of this, there is the fact that Biden is a victim of the lie that are told to cover his tracks. On Monday, we saw an example that was perfect of that, which was Biden not noticing that he let the cat out of the bag regarding an untruth that was told by the White House during the confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Biden said to journalists on Monday morning that he had not been able to see all of it. That's an interesting response given that he was in the city for the majority of the week prior to leaving for Europe on Thursday. He could have seen a few of the hearings should he have wanted to. But, apparently, he could not be interested.

However, Biden didn't seem to realize the fact that his staff issued a statement saying Biden had attended the hearings and praised Jackson's handling and her dealings with senators.

“The president watched portions of Judge Jackson's hearing yesterday and today and is proud of the way that she is showcasing her extraordinary qualifications, her experience, and her even-handedness.” The staffer added. The staffer was also impressed by the respect and grace she displays, the respect she shows to senators, as well as the amount of detail she provides, which demonstrates the value of her knowledge, her intelligence, and the character strength she has displayed.”

There are two options: either his dementia is so severe that he's totally losing track of what he's seen and what he's said previously, or his team is making up stories for him. Pick your preferred option; however, either one is a bad choice. His team must stand for this massive fabrication – they invented everything they claimed Biden said about Jackson.

But that wasn't the only incident he was caught up in– he was also shown to have a “cheat sheet” with questions and answers for the meeting where he made the embarrassing error, stating that Putin “cannot be allowed to remain in the position he is currently in. “

We've caught him using cheat sheets before, however, it's a big deal when he's got both answers and questions, and he's still a bit confused.

Biden also made a series of other lies in the press conference. It's amazing how many things Biden is able to say that are just not true in one briefing.

He claimed that the government had been “reducing inflationary pressures,” however, his policies have brought the most inflation over the past 40 years.

Biden said that “firefighters and a teacher pay more than double, double the tax rate that a billionaire pays. That's not right. That's not fair.”

This is also not the case. A teacher or a firefighter do not necessarily pay more than a billionaire. A billionaire may be able to pay less because of deductions or loopholes, but the amount isn't less.

Biden was asked whether he believes Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should withdraw himself from all cases that have to relate to January 6 due to the writings of his wife Ginni Thomas.

However, Biden does not seem to grasp that it's not dependent on the Jan. 6 Committee or the DOJ on the extent to which Justice Thomas recuses himself. It's the decision of Justice Thomas to decide whether to recuse himself or not; however, there is no conflict at all. What is it that makes Biden not grasp this fundamental understanding while he was in the Senate Judiciary Committee for years?

The White House needs to answer whether anyone addressed these concerns prior to the incident and why they are constructing a massive falsehood about what he actually claimed to have said about Ketanji Brown Jackson. Keep an eye out in the near future for the White House clean-up!

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