Progressives Demand Biden leave Congress Alone and Lean on the Pen

Biden was the signer of a large amount of executive decrees the day he took the office. It's as if he were on a deadline to repeal as much Trump-era legislation as was feasible.

There's an issue with executive orders, however. They remove Congress from the process. It disrupts the checks and balances in place. It permits Biden to make all the decisions that affect the nation without any state representatives supporting or opposing.

One reason there is such a divide in the United States today is that Biden is refusing to utilize Congress. He'll simply pick up his pen and make an executive decree. They're quicker and don't need Congress to discuss and approve anything in writing.

Left-wing progressives love when Biden makes executive orders, because they are confident that they will be able to put pressure on the president to get their way.

Ilhan Omar posted on Twitter, “Want to know about all the steps President Biden could take regarding health, climate change and student debt, child care immigration, racial justice and workers by pointing to an e-mail? This is the Progressive Caucus has done the study and has it covered.”

This tweet is sure to scare you. Does it really make sense for Biden to evade Congress on these questions?

Sure, but not entirely.

In reality, an executive order isn't equivalent to an act of law. An executive order merely gives the authority to an agency of the federal government to carry out a particular action.

This means that Biden could direct the Department of Education to cancel student loans. That means he has the power to orally order that the Department of Homeland Security stop prosecuting immigrants at the border. And the list of things that could be done by pointing his pen is nearly infinite.

Executive orders must be observed just as an act of law. They are able to be removed more easily than a law, but they are also at risk of being sued by lawmakers of Congress (and the SCOTUS) in the event of an overreach.

Biden has been accused, numerous times, of overreaching since he's utilized his executive orders more frequently than Congress to achieve anything.

He has promised unity. However, he isn't willing to collaborate with Congress to achieve the unity he claims that he would like.

Since he's unwilling to collaborate with Congress on the issues at hand, it implies the Representatives and Senators we elected into office aren't able to have an honest discussion, and it stops the voice of the people from being heard.

The country we live in is supposed to be an open democracy. The people's voice must be heard. However, Biden doesn't listen to us. The progressives don't even care about what we want.

Ilhan Omar, as well as the rest of the Progressives, think that the most effective method to ensure their positions in the midterms is to be certain that the promises they made in their campaigns are brought to fruition.

They've promised their supporters such things like student loan forgiveness and Biden could just take his pen and cancel all loans and make millions of Americans satisfied. Let's not worry about the impact on the economy, in the event that billions of dollars worth of loans are canceled. They just want the votes.

It is clear that the GOP has more financial responsibility than allowing cancellation of loans for students. That's the reason they haven't already canceled the loans. This is also the reason why progressives are aware that Biden cannot cooperate with Congress in order to progress.

The same is true for the other issues of progressives.

For Omar and other people to keep putting pressure on Biden to get him to pick up his pen is against everything that the U.S. stands for. But then again this is the issue with the progressives; they would like to transform every aspect of the U.S. so that they keep their power forever.

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