When Trying to Explain His Most Recent Gaff, Biden Flails

Joe Biden has always been notorious for his gaffes in public speaking. During his past tenure in the Senate, he had been known for making statements that were a hit, not because they were significant; but instead, because they were completely absurd and bizarre. In the end, it is Barack Obama who once stated that “don't underestimate Joe's ability to f** things up.”

But, the last week has been…special. I would say that my expectations of Biden's trip to Europe were not high, but I'm not sure if I anticipated the trip going as horribly as it did.

In just two hours, Biden was able to claim that US troops would go into Ukraine, and he also suggested that NATO will utilize chemicals, as well as encouraged regime change in Russia. In response, the White House scrambled to clean up after every lapse and argued that the president had misspoken.

Unfortunately for his supporters, Biden only caused more confusion this morning while trying to correct these errors. Biden stated that he is “not walking anything back” when asked about his policy remarks on regime change.

It's easy to imagine Jen Psaki pulling out a cigarette and taking a long drag after watching the press event. The faceplants she has been working to correct since Saturday were undone over the course of a couple of minutes. 

According to his recent remarks, he's not reversing his position. He does believe Putin ought to be removed from the presidency. This is a complete reverse of the explanations made by his aides, but the president tries to play both sides by saying that his remarks were a reflection of his personal views, but not a change in policy. But the fact is that the word of a president is an official policy statement in the context of their administration. They have the power and set the direction. If Biden states that Putin must be removed, it is a clear policy shift, regardless of what a faceless bureaucrat believes (a fact that Alexander Vindman could not quite grasp).

Then, Fox News' Peter Doocy pressed Biden to explain the full extent of his European mistakes. Instead of giving a plausible explanation or admitting his faults, the President just smiled and claimed there was no evidence that they had actually occurred.

Although I'd like to blame this answer on Biden's senility, in reality it's him being the notorious liar that he's always been. Biden is aware of what Doocy is talking about and knows that his staff was required to release numerous statements that retracted from what he had said at NATO and in Poland. But, in typical Biden style, he believes it's enough to smile, and then spew more lies, and be rewarded with a pat on the head.

I've got bad news for him. The public isn't interested anymore. There's a reason that his approval ratings don’t exceed those of cancerous testicular tissue. Biden's wholesome behavior doesn't bring the trust it once did. People are upset by the damage he's caused as well as the dangers his mistakes can bring, and they're willing to convey an ominous message: November awaits.

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