Will Smith Directly Addresses Slapping incident, apologizes to Chris Rock

You've probably heard that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on Sunday evening at the Oscars. This incident took place following a sarcastic comment made by Chris Rock; Rock made a sly joke about Smith's wife who has Alopecia (hair loss caused by stress, age and more.)

Within minutes of that incident, Smith was awarded the prize for the best actor, receiving an enthusiastic standing ovation from the crowd. The following evening, Smith finally spoke about the entire incident, and apologized to Rock.

In terms of an apology, it's an excellent one. He doesn't make a fuss or attempt to blame Rock for his erratic behaviour. Smith has made a mistake and regardless of whether he's worried about the possibility of this costing him something, or he's actually regretful, he's doing the right thing. There are many more important issues that go beyond Rock making a sly joke.

In the final declaration, Smith says that he is an “work in progress.” I'm sure that we all are able to relate to that on some level, but I hope that he realizes how this “open marriage” has caused the pain in his life and the situation needs to be addressed properly. As long as the situation continues, it will continue to be confronted with the emotional turmoil that he's clearly experiencing.

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