Biden’s Continued Gaffes Show Up the White House Campaign to Shield Him

The White House has now spent some time cleaning up following President Joe Biden's remarks in Europe and is now required to further wash up after its cleanup. For example, Biden claimed that he had not told the American military that they were headed to Ukraine but that he was talking about the possibility of “training” Ukrainians in Poland. This caused a stir since it seemed as if Biden was revealing his belief that it was the U.S. training Ukrainians in Poland, which they had previously denied. However, the White House then walked that back, saying Biden did not refer to “training” (despite what he stated), but he was talking about interfacing.

The following day, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield responded when asked about it, but she couldn't provide a reason for why Biden at first spoke about tanks, suggesting it was Ukraine, but then changed the subject in the direction of “training” Ukrainian troops. She tried to claim that the president was talking about “interacting” with Ukrainians. However, that's not at all what was said, either. The bottom line is that his team wants the public not to take everything he says as factual at any moment, since he may not be serious and his words may need to be changed or taken back entirely.

Bedingfield was able to continue to duck and did not respond to questions. However, she then made a statement that at a certain point is truly frightening, indicating that it is only Joe Biden who is in control of what Joe Biden says. It could be a nightmare if this was true, considering that Biden appears to not be aware of what's happening all the time. This is not the kind of person the American public would like to be at the helm.

However, that’s not the case; otherwise, you wouldn't need all this effort to restrict what he's said or his access to the press. His staff are constantly trying to stop him from making the next big mistake. If their claims were true, they wouldn’t have to write a complete procedure for the actor to adhere to, as Americans often see. Whatever–he said it wrong. Often, he does act like an actor following a script. If the notes are his words, then he would not be required to read the notes so intently. But he seems dependent on his notes.

The issue is that even equipped with a written script, he's not able to follow it. He's that “long gone.” People like Bedingfield can make up stories and then lie about them. They're expecting Americans to accept this. They're too smug with the lies they tell, then ask, “Why does nobody trust what we have to say?”

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