High School Biology Class Argues for Inclusive Gender Terminology

For those who don't know, sexuality is a cultural construct. This is the opinion of Needham High School in Massachusetts. If you've believed in only two genders, that's not true; you've been lulled by the unscientific rumors on the streets. Eliminate your social habits, and you'll be in a completely new world of physical reality.

“Humans are socially conditioned to view sex and gender as binary,” one of the slides gathered from the Parents Defending Education makes clear to children. The lesson was apparently taught to students in biology classes.

For those who aren't familiar with the concept of “intersex,” has the following information: The major distinction between intersex and hermaphrodite is the fact that hermaphrodite is an animal with both kinds of gonads, whereas intersex is an organism with a range of traits of sex that can be found in males and females, such as gonadotropins, chromosomes as well as the genitals and sex hormones.

How prevalent is intersexuality? As per Needham High, just think of the color of your hair: Intersex people make up just under 2 percent of the population. This is similar to the percentage of those born with red hair.

Therefore, there are certain things that you should not recommend: The mere mention of biological sex as male or female excludes people who are intersex and have been discriminated against for a long time.

With the stew of potlucks that constitute sexuality for humans biologically speaking, sexually specific language is not appropriate. The use of language that eliminates gendered terms for discussing body parts helps ensure that individuals with diverse (a)sexualities, (a)genders, bodies and (a)romantic sexual orientations are included and accepted.

The course also educated teenagers on four areas of sexual sex and lays out the process of removing pleasure from the sex-hungry. Anatomical sex or sexual sex: Sometimes called biological sex or physical sex, this comprises things such as chromosomes, genitals, hormonal substances, hair on the body, and many more–but one thing it's not is gender; gender identity: your self-perception–what you in your mind believe you are in relation to the degree you agree (or do not match) with what you believe to be the possible options in terms of gender; gender expression: how you portray your gender through your clothing, actions, appearance, manner of speaking, and so on–your exterior appearance, and how it is perceived by other people in light of gender stereotypes; attraction: as with sex, attraction isn't necessarily a factor in gender–we often confuse sexual orientation with gender or label our feelings of attraction as gender-specific.

It's certainly different from the ways of teaching used in the past. For instance, your biology course in high school likely did not even touch on feelings. In the days of peptides, nuclei, and gender-variable boys and girls, education and perhaps your gender are changing.

The school taught young skulls that mush had been stuffed with mash, and other organisms also switch gender: Clownfish (a clownfish school is always arranged in an orderly structure with male fish at the highest level; after she dies, the dominant male changes gender and replaces her); common reed frog (evidence suggests that the standard reed frog could be a hermaphrodite who is sequential, meaning that the adult females switch sexes following mating); amborella (plants with a certain breeding system alter their sex according to the amount of light they receive, the latest research in science has discovered).

The teenagers were also charged with conducting research: Group Research! In the next five minutes…find your own examples of gender shifts in nature.

It appears the entire idea of education has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. The traditional academic subjects seem to be merely an environment for the dissemination of ideologies. The sexuality lessons taught at Needham High might come as a shock to those who attended the schools of old. It's a good reminder that we should never quit studying.

Fortunately, the nation’s education leaders aren't tied to the era that has passed. Biologically, they're remarkably up to date!

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