Joe Biden Continues “Sloppy and Risky Statements” Trend by Calling for Russian Regime Change and Confirming US Troops Training Ukrainian Forces

President Joe Biden’s smug remarks at the NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday were not helpful. Evidently, Joey SoftServe did not follow the script and declared in reference to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, “this man cannot remain in power.”

Making a list of Biden’s sloppy statements is not a worthwhile exercise. Biden says something that is so foolish, dangerous, or contradictory with such frequency that you're overwhelmed by the sheer volume. Imagine summoning the courage to confront another Biden comment. In this scenario, there's a legion of failed journalism students who now work for PolitiFact, Snopes, the Washington Post, and Facebook's notoriously untruthful International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) who are waiting to defend the truth of what Biden stated and prove that it was true.

Biden's speech in Warsaw may have helped to prolong the Ukraine war beyond expectations. The whole argument to invade Ukraine was based on the notion that NATO is imperialist and seeks to threaten Russia's internal issues. While not exactly “tough” on Putin, Biden's remarks were an offering to Putin because they accepted his argument, a premise that many astute Western leaders have worked to disprove.

The only way that this conflict can end is if the Russian population decides they're done with it and invite Tommy DeVito Vladimir Putin to an induction ceremony. Biden has offered Putin an opportunity to save his skin by publically confirming the Russian president's claim that NATO intends to demolish and degrade Russia (though some support the idea). No returning to Biden's Irish background will be able to undo the damage he did on Saturday.

And, by the way, Biden is not any more “Irish” than tens of millions of Americans and is less than a few. The notion that we possess characteristics that are passed down due to our heritage is what causes discrimination against people of color, based on race and ethnicity. If Leon Panetta, who has held many leading positions in the US government, is able to play his own stereotype, we can participate in our own.

Biden’s brain-dead acts in Warsaw may have helped prolong the war in Ukraine. However, his lack of discipline and awareness of the situation during his Monday news brief, during which he revealed that US troops were training Ukrainian forces in Poland, could make the war more intense and trigger an even larger European conflict. After being pressed about his remarks, Biden said, “I was referring to being with, and talking with, the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland.”

In March, during the White House press briefing, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was hit with the question about how the U.S., accompanied by Britain, was providing training to Ukrainian soldiers in Poland. 

Mr. Sullivan: “…On the question of U.S. troops, we don't currently have U.S. troops training Ukrainians. There are no U.S. troops on the territory of Ukraine. Of course, we do have U.S. troops defending NATO territory, providing peace to our Allies, and in the process, deterring Russian aggression.”

And, of course, it is true that the United States is playing a crucial role not just in the direct supply of military gear to Ukraine but also in the facilitation of military equipment supplied by our Allies, too.

What is the significance of this?

Russia is aware, as is any person who is reasonably aware, that NATO provides Ukraine with the weapons and equipment it requires to remain in the battle. The supplies are arriving in Ukraine predominantly via Poland. Russia isn't pleased with this. However, to date, the country has not attempted to attack the supplies moving through Poland into Ukraine.

There is, however, an immense difference between supplying arms, ammunition, and other supplies to Ukraine and helping to create and train Ukrainian tactical units, which will be devoted to fighting Russian troops. The move would elevate Poland and other countries providing the training out of the supply category to one that Russians could view as actively belligerent.

The issue, as always, to be answered is: Who was lying? Was it Jake Sullivan, who was all braided up in his nasal hair during the Hillary Clinton email/personal phone scandal? Or was it our dear Joey SoftServe, who has just enough intellectual capacity to discern an arc of the sun?

Politico offers us a clue: A top administration official has said it is true that US troops help Ukrainian forces in Poland load the weapons provided by the West to transport them back towards Ukraine. While doing so, they give instructions verbally on how to utilize the weapons, such as anti-aircraft missiles, but they don't guide Ukrainian forces in physical exercises.

General Tod D. Wolters, the commander of U.S. European Command and NATO's top allied commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that's about as far as military-to-military relations in Poland are concerned. “I do not believe that we are in the process of currently training military forces from Ukraine in Poland,” Wolters told the committee. “There are liaisons that are there that are being given advice, and that's different than I think you're referring to with respect to training.”

“There are Ukrainian soldiers in Poland interacting on a regular basis with U.S. troops, and that's what the President was referring to,” clarified a White House official.

Do you notice the denial that is not denial? If you're an American general and the head of USEUCOM (United States European Command) and a NATO commander, there is no reason for “believing” what is going on within your zone of operation that includes soldiers from your country. They're there, but they aren't–also, just giving other soldiers “verbal instructions” on using weapons and then sending them away. Or is this a hands-on job? (An article just published on CNN's site confirms US troops in Poland are in the process of instructing Ukrainians in the use of weapons provided by the West, backing up the claim that the U.S. is doing more than just giving “verbal instructions.”)

It’s likely that the U.S. is in the process of training Ukrainian soldiers in Poland. Most likely, they're recruiting from those who fled in search of their families seeking safe harbors and are returning to “get some,” especially given that the outlook is promising for Ukraine. There is also the possibility of monitoring the rebuilding of Ukrainian units removed from the line in order to upgrade their equipment and add new units. All this would leave an ever-more urgent Putin with a goal that is hard to ignore.

In any case, it leads to the issue of Biden's comment about changing Putin’s regime. Biden is beyond the incompetence of wanting to play “Corn Pop” and showing everyone how strong and handsome he is (despite the stories written in his daughter’s diary) or disseminating information to prove he is smarter than the media pool. Biden is reckless. He's risky. He's going to start an unpopular war that none of us want or require. According to Tucker Carlson, the joke is over, and there’s too much at stake: It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment against Joe Biden.

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