Democratic Senators Blast Biden’s Frighteningly Bad Decision to End Title 42

President Joe Biden has done so much harm to the country over a relatively short time. One of the most damaging things he has done is to sabotage the border policies that President Donald Trump had worked so tirelessly to establish. Illegal immigration into the United States has reached record levels during Biden’s presidency. One of the few policies that prevented the situation from worsening was something Biden wasn't responsible for: Title 42, the public-health policy the government used to expel illegal immigrants, claiming it was necessary to fight COVID-19. Title 42 was enacted by the Trump Administration shortly after COVID was deemed to be a threat.

However, the Biden Administration recently yielded to left-wing activists and declared that it will end the Title 42 policy as of May 23. “After considering current public health conditions and an increased availability of tools to fight COVID-19 (such as highly effective vaccines and therapeutics), the CDC Director has determined that an Order suspending the right to introduce migrants into the United States is no longer necessary,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained in a statement issued on Friday.

Even Democrats are criticizing Joe Biden over this decision. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), one of the most moderate voices within the Democratic Party, called Biden's move a “frightening decision” that will only make things more difficult. “We are already facing an unprecedented increase in migrants this year, and that will only get worse if the Administration ends the Title 42 policy,” Manchin said. “We are nowhere near prepared to deal with that influx.” Manchin even admitted that he believed Title 42 should probably be in effect for the rest of time.

The senator wasn't the only Democrat who spoke out. Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ)–both from Arizona, which is among the states most likely to be overwhelmed by the decision if there is no alternative policy put in place–blasted the decision.

Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) also stated that this will cause a rise in the number of illegal immigrants who vote, which her “administration does not appear to be ready for.” This is a way of describing how dire it's likely to be.

Unfortunately, this is the result of Democrats putting a man in charge who is a slave to the agenda of radicals. He doesn't care whether this harms Arizona or the other states–or Americans as a whole. He doesn't care if it affects Arizona's Democrats. It's all about the agenda.

As reported by Fox's Hillary Vaughn, the Biden team's reaction to the situation will make things even more complicated. They're considering reducing care for veterans in order to deal with illegal immigrants.

What are the chances that this group of Democrats will work together with Republicans? We've witnessed that Manchin and Sinema are prepared to take Biden down and show their principles.

If Biden ends the Title 42 policy, he must declare the pandemic over, since he is claiming that there's nothing to worry about the huge flow of thousands of illegal aliens every day. The pandemic doesn't then apply to illegal immigrants, but it is applicable to Americans, according to Biden. If Biden believes that the virus is gone, the time is now to put an end to all other COVID orders and directives and reinstate all military personnel who were kicked out because they didn't want to be vaccinated.

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