Vice President Harris’s Interview Veers Off Course into the  Next County

Vice President Kamala Harris’s propensity to delve into confusing word salads is known worldwide. Harris issued one earlier in the week when speaking about Jamaica, which was 50 shades of uncomfortable to watch. You would think that in MSNBC's Joy Reid, she’d found a host who would be willing to ask softball-related questions and do whatever she could to make Harris appear attractive. Therefore, she'd have an easy time of it. Reid even had a ride to the airport on Air Force 2, so all the pieces should have been in order to have a sexy interview.

But despite all of that, Harris seemed plagued by the inability to say things without them becoming an endless word-swathe. Kamala began talking about why she was there in Greenville, Mississippi, and even Joy Reid seemed to adopt an uneasiness listening to her.

“So, I am here because this is a community in the Mississippi Delta that has a long history of being part of America's history, um, including having the needs that should be met,” Harris explained.

“Long history of being part of America's history”? Isn’t that the case for most of America? How can you say to her that you don't know anything about Greenville without saying that you don't know anything about Greenville?

Reid later asked her if she supported changes to the regime in Russia.

Now, the simplest answer is, no, because the U.S. doesn't have a policy of regime change. Western allies hold the position that Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to stop his brutality in Ukraine and are working hard to end that. In particular, after Biden's scathing answers to the question, you'd think Kamala had plenty of time to come up with a solution. But no such luck. Her train crash of an answer veers off the tracks into different areas, and she ends up in the next county.

She said there were going to be “serious consequences for Vladimir Putin,” without ever denying a change to the regime policy.

Harris was then all giddy about the places she's been to since the summer of last year, after which she was a bit annoyed that she had not visited Europe. But what about a location she hasn't visited yet? The actual physical border between the U.S. and Mexico, you know, the border that has to do with the task she was assigned to do.

Reid also asked questions about the sanctions as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, asking if the sanctions should remain in place while Putin was the ruler of Russia. But since Joe Biden has made such an issue of it with his comments about sanctions, it's turned something that ought to be a straightforward issue into the middle of a minefield.

According to Harris, “I'm going to tell you where we are now. They are intact, and we will continue to upgrade them and make them so-more severe as appropriate.”

She does not address the primary purpose of Reid's query–sanctions when Putin continues to be in power–and suggests some information that hasn't been hinted at. Why, then, did Joe Biden just spend so much time saying that sanctions don't hinder anything? He had said sanctions would discourage Putin. Someone will need to explain the reason for having sanctions, especially if he doesn't believe they are deterring anything.

The sanctions they've imposed are still in place. The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said the sanctions they've imposed aren't enough and are centered on seven banks in the SWIFT system, with the majority of Russian banks being left out of the system.

Harris’s answers are hurtful to listen to, especially when we see someone who has such limited capacity being the representative of the United States. Especially when we realize we don't have a qualified person to replace Kamala Harris. She's expected to serve as the backup. This is the reason Americans when asked say they don’t have any confidence in Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, and the reason why six out of ten voters view either or both of them to be incompetent.

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