Biden Pushing for a DOJ Investigation into Trump

Do you remember when we saw an entire impeachment proceeding because the former president was alleged to have attempted to utilize power to call for an investigation into Biden’s corrupt family members? The current president, Joe Biden, has gone one step further by using official power in his own office to press the prosecutor of Donald Trump.

So, when will the impeachment begin?

It's a rhetorical question, obviously, but there's an update to the report that confirms the suspicions of many: Biden wants the DOJ to indiscriminately prosecute Trump for something to do with January 6th.

The attorney general's deliberate approach has caused a lot of discontent among Democratic allies within the White House and, at times, even President Biden himself. Mr. Biden confided to his close circle of friends that he believed the former president Donald J. Trump was blight on democracy and ought to be prosecuted, according to two sources familiar with his remarks. Although Biden has not spoken directly about his displeasure to Garland, he has admitted to privately wanting to see Mr. Garland to act less as a judge and more of a prosecutor prepared to take decisive action regarding the events of January. 6.

I don't believe for one second that Biden hasn't already expressed his anger directly to AG Merrick Garland. Even if it is true this report was written with reasons. Leaks don't happen by chance and especially so when they're not specifically designed to harm those they intend to quote. In this instance, Biden and his handlers clearly want the message to be delivered to Garland or else this message isn't going to print. Therefore, even though it may not be a “direct” demand of the DOJ, it's sure to accomplish the same purpose which is to press Garland to take the first steps in prosecuting Trump.

In this sense, this is a misuse of authority, in the terms Democrats, as well as the press, in a frenzied manner set during the previous administration. Trump was repeatedly accused of being corrupt in his interactions with the DOJ; however, since it's Biden making the noise this will be seen as nothing major.

I'd like to clarify that the president has statutory power over the DOJ, and there's no real “independence” involved in the department. This is a lie that is used by the left whenever there's an incumbent Republican within the White House in order to ensure that they keep their corrupt train rolling. However, despite assertions that the opposite is true (one appears in the opening paragraph in the Times report), Biden has not changed the status of the DOJ to “independent.” A look at the way in which it appears that the White House coordinated with the DOJ to promote an “domestic terrorism” letter targeting parents who attend school board meetings shows this. Garland is also evidently receiving advice from the administration regarding suing Republican states for violations of laws governing security for elections, as well as other matters.

However, there is a question of what exactly the DOJ should be able to charge Trump with. There has been no evidence that Trump planned or controlled or orchestrated any event that occurred on the 6th of January. In addition, his statements on the day were not a call to violence, but do call for peaceful protests. Beyond that, it's absurd to think Trump could be held accountable for not acting swiftly enough, as Liz Cheney has often suggested. If this is a crime, that opens the way for all presidents to be charged for one choice or another. In addition, Trump did nothing to block any response from January 6, and he would not have been involved in the activities of law enforcement that day.

What it comes down to is Biden trying to use his position to bring charges against his political adversaries. I've been told that is the biggest sin that the president could be guilty of. The rules, however, do not apply to Democrats. In the case of Trump, and this ongoing search for charges,  especially for criminal charges is only going to increase his power in 2024. This is a foolish play, but, it's Joe Biden we are talking about.

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