Hollywood GIves out Universal Basic Income, but Only to the LGBTQIA Community

“Universal Basic Income” has been the subject of a lot of media coverage over the last few years. But, because it is akin to Communism, it hasn’t been put into place yet.

However, some are still considering trying it:

According to The Sun, just over 20 American cities are experimenting with this concept and West Hollywood now joins them.

According to, the town is planning to launch the guaranteed income pilot program.

The city will offer $1,000 per month, beginning in April 2022, until September 2023, for a total of $17,000 in 17 months to randomly selected residents who enroll in the program. 

Mayor Lauren Meister, and former mayor/current Councilmember Lindsey Horvath, have been associated with The Mayors for Guaranteed Income coalition which is a group of mayors across the country who are running guaranteed income pilots.

When she joined the maverick group of mayoral candidates the year before, the then-Mayor Lindsey Horvath expressed her excitement about equity:

We are delighted to be part of Mayors of a Guaranteed Income to effectively and compassionately tackle the significant issues of instability and economic inequity. The care of the most vulnerable citizens has always been a top priority for the city of West Hollywood, and during these times of increased health-related economic effects, we want to make sure that we have access to every resource we can to help our residents. We look forward to investigating this crucial work in conjunction with MGI and its trusted partners and thought-leaders.

In terms of the issues and pitfalls of funding, WeHo is partnering with the non-profit National Council of Jewish Women/LA.

It's a fantastic opportunity, however, if you're eager to apply, you’ve missed your chance; the application period ended in March.

However, if everything goes as planned, it is likely we will see another round.

Till then, make sure you have your certifications up to date. There are just four things you need to meet for securing your monthly income.

The recipients must:

 -Live in West Hollywood

 -Be a minimum of 50 years old

 -Earn no more than $41,000

 -Identify as LGBTQIA

If you're straight then you're not getting to take part of the large pot of gold. If you're looking for cash for nothing, are aged, broke, living in WeHo, and are gay…you're making big money.

Much has been written about the social pressure to sign up for the alphabet alternative. Could a chance to earn free money be a factor? “No” doesn't seem the most obvious option.

However, faking it shouldn't need to be difficult. The letters are:

L = Lesbian

G = Gay

B = Bisexual

T = Transgender

Q = Queer

A = Asexual

I am able to comprehend the concept of “transgender,” but no one knows what “woman” or “man” really means. Thus, a person who is cisgender is able to easily change in “trans.” In the case of “asexual,” one can just say that nothing has turned them on. “I” is a slang term for “asexual. “I” regards a birth anomaly, however, I don't imagine a city requiring applicants to present the proof.

If the obstacle to identity isn't as daunting as it appears, then placing it in the right place is an intriguing move. What's more intriguing is getting $1,000 each week for doing nothing.

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