Jackson Set to Assume Supreme Court Seat; With One Guaranteed GOP Vote It is Nearly Assured

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the model of Biden's preferred choice of the empty Supreme Court seat. Being a black woman, she has exactly the type of voice Biden wanted, without a care about her experience, qualifications, or past performance. With the current composition of 48 Democrats and two Independents, as well as 50 Republicans, she must have, at minimum, one GOP Senator to gain confirmation.

Senator. Susan Collins (R-ME) has spoken of Jackson and said she would be voting to confirm her. This will give the Dems the advantage of only one vote, without requiring Vice President Kamala Harris' vote to be an option to break the tie. Another meeting following the hearings that lasted for four days was able to make the vote more tense for her. Senator Collins claimed that “she has the knowledge, expertise and character to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. I, therefore, will support her confirmation to this post.”

In response to the announcement, the Senate Democrat leadership has pushed for the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote April 4, and for the final Senate vote to take place later during the week. Should she be confirmed, she will become the third black justice, and the sixth woman, and also the first public defender who holds the title. There is one important Democrat vote which has not yet been announced publicly. Senator. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has been averse to the principles of President Biden on a variety of levels.

Jackson's inability to answer basic questions, like what constitutes a woman, is a source of controversy. When a group of GOP Senators asked her about her record of giving very light sentences on child pornography cases when she was a federal judge, she did not seem to comprehend the reason why giving  light sentences for such cases creates an unjust precedent, and she seemed to believe there were different degrees of right and wrong in this regard.

Additionally, she believed that people who were simply curious, instead of pursuing kids, were fine. She has no idea the dangers of child sex abuse material and how it is related to human trafficking, and the ways it can lead to more kidnappings and violent acts. It's a multi-million dollar industry, and that's only the pornography component. It's not even counting the trafficking and child sexual sex industries. Doing too little on any aspect of this is doing nothing.

Even though she is unable to discern biological differences and see child sexual sex crimes as what they really are, Democrats are gathering to vote for her. The possibility of her confirmation could serve as the benchmark for politics , which will be able to make the full shift from a people-first to a party-first mentality. The idea to be the first senators to select a black woman to the office, instead of searching for the most suitable candidate to fill the post, is far too much on their minds.

Senator. Mitt Romney (R-UT) could also be a possible candidate to vote for her. When he spoke to reporters recently, he admitted that he wasn't sure. “I enjoyed our conversation a lot. I'm not yet able to make a final decision yet. If I make one I'll inform you. Most likely not until the day of the election.” In the past, when Jackson ran for the federal appeals court, Romney did not support her. Perhaps this time around, Romney will choose the most qualified candidate, and not succumb to the pressure.

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