Sarah Palin has Trump’s ‘Complete’ Endorsement

On Saturday, we learned that Sarah Palin officially announced her candidacy for the seat that was left vacant after the death of long-time incumbent Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska).

On Sunday, reports surfaced from Fox News, that it was former President Donald Trump who encouraged the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate to go for it.

John McCain's presidential running mate in 2008 met with the former president before submitting paperwork for the vacant Alaska House seat, two sources have told Fox News.

Like my friend Nick Arama reported on Saturday, Trump urged supporters at a Michigan gathering to cast their votes for his “American First Republicans.”

“The choice this November is very simple, if you want high crime, high prices, high taxes, high corruption, and high incompetence, vote for the radical Democrats. If you want a country that is strong, sovereign, safe, and secure, you must vote for America First Republicans.”

So, it's not really surprising that Trump has now declared his endorsement of the ex-Alaska Governor.

In an announcement late on Sunday night, Trump gave his “complete” approval of Sarah Palin for her congressional race in the House of Representatives.

It said:

“Fantastic patriotic Sarah Palin of Alaska just announced she's running for Congress, which means that there will be an America First fighter on the list to replace the legendary and late Representative Don Young. Sarah surprised many when she supported me in the early days of 2016 and won the election with a huge victory. It's now my turn!”

“Sarah has been a defender in support of Alaska principles, Alaska energy, Alaska jobs, and the wonderful Alaskans. She was among Governors who were the most popular because she stood up against corruption within and around the State Government and the Fake News Media.”

“Sarah helped lift the McCain campaign out of the mud despite the fact that she was forced to deal with some extremely evil, ignorant, and jealous people in the campaign. They wanted to ruin the campaign, yet she did not allow that to occur.”

“Sarah Palin is tough and intelligent and she will not back down. I am honored to offer her my full and complete Endorsement and urge all Republicans to rally behind this amazing person with her campaign that will make America First!”

It will be interesting to watch how the endorsement unfolds, particularly whether or not Donald Trump will stump in Alaska for Palin. As the saying goes, have patience!

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