Tucker Carlson has Broken Adam Kinzinger, and Kinzinger Proves It

Never Trump politicians such as Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RINO-IL) appear to have the same problem: they're not the brightest bulbs on the block and they struggle to speak truthful information. Perhaps that's why they're in the position they are.

Kinzinger wrote an opinion piece on Tucker Carlson and you'll see the immediate issue.

“Now that we have seen evidence of mass graves in Ukraine, and pictures of the atrocities against civilians, We should demand @TuckerCarlson answer for his support of this war, as well as those Congressmen who have done the same. @GOPLeader should demand accountability,” Kinzinger tweeted.

First of all it's a lie. Tucker Carlson does not “support” the conflict. In fact, Tucker Carlson criticized the conflict during his talk show on March 21, declaring that he was supporting the Ukrainians to oust the Russians. What he did question was whether this was our battle and how much we should be involved. Perhaps there were other considerations we should have. Kinzinger is unable to discern the difference. Therefore, Kinzinger is simply wrong just like he's always been.

Second, what if he actually did “support” it? We don't scold individuals because of “wrong” thinking in this country. In the event that we do, we'd end up the same as Vladimir Putin and Russia. This is the idea that Kinzinger is calling for: to have the government go after private citizens, even journalists– and insist that the latter act in accordance with the things Kinzinger thinks. Even the members of Congress who don't agree with him must be punished for not being aligned with the groupthink. Is it possible to be more fascist and Putin-like? How can that be free speech? Doesn't it mean that the media is being shut down? This is a lapse on the part of Kinzinger to comprehend his responsibility as a member Congress, in addition to the Constitution which he claimed to defend. What Kinzinger is promoting doesn't belong in America.

This is the same man whom Tucker invited to the show to allow him to make his point; however, Kinzinger did not show up because he was unable to take the pressure. Kinzinger knew he'd be chopped and sliced.

Kinzinger often speaks out about Carlson's comments regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, Kinzinger has become a source for misleading information about the conflict — he appears to be the victim of any fake story or meme.

For instance, Kinzinger fell for the old joke on the internet regarding Sam Hyde. Sam Hyde is always the person who shoots or is the suspect regardless of the circumstances. In real life, Hyde is a comedian who isn't a murderer, or even the “Ghost of Kyiv.”

It's not Sam Hyde, just like it's not lupus.

Kinzinger shared a deeply emotional photo. It's just that it's from 2016 and is not connected to the war.

What do you think? How could Kinzinger look himself up for false information instead of pursuing other people? Of course, this will require self-reflection, which Kinzinger appears to lack the ability to do.

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