CNN Crew Escapes Artillery Shelling in Ukraine — ‘Oh Sh-t’

Monday, on the CNN show “The Situation Room,” the news crew interviewed the members of a small number of Ukrainian fighters who were fighting outside Mykolaiv, and were forced to flee from artillery shells which damaged one of their vehicles.

Blitzer stated, “Tonight, a CNN team reporting from the southern part of Ukraine has survived a very, very close call, narrowly escaping as artillery hit just yards away. The camera was still rolling as our senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman and his crew raced to safety. Watch this.”

Wedeman declared, “Go down here, John, down here. Keep on rolling. You see over there? We hug the earth. Two more art artillery rounds, and so we run with full-body armor to the cars. Go, go!”

A crew member says, “Oh sh-t.”

Wedeman declared, “All right, right now, we are trying to get out of this area as quickly as possible. our other car is completely destroyed.”

Following the footage, Blitzer said, “Thank God Ben Wedeman, and the crew are OK. Ben is joining us from Mykolaiv. Tell us more of this harrowing experience.”

Wedeman stated, “Well, we arrived after these trenches of 6 or 7 kilometers from the Russians' front lines. It was relatively quiet. We tried to engage the soldiers there to find out how the situation was. The shells came in close to us. We took cover, and another two shells landed, one of them maybe ten yards from one of our cars. So we went running towards the car to try to get out of the area after the officer in charge of that position told us we should leave because there may be more incoming rounds, only to find one of our two cars destroyed.”

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