Five School Board Members Forced to Resign in the Beginning of a Liberal Purge

It seems that the Democratic Party thinks that they have the upper hand in the nation. They're proud that they snatched an election, and got one of the most powerful leaders in American history removed from being able to make America Great Again. And since the day of the election, lesser-known Democrats across the country have stepped up in a bid to sabotage the country by spreading their toxic beliefs.

The arena they've picked to pour their poison on, is the public schools. They are aware that if they are able to get children involved and teach children early enough, they'll be able to influence the future generation of voters and create a more powerful push towards socialism in America. The problem with their approach is that they attempt to take too much from parents, which ultimately ends up being their demise.

A lot of school districts eliminated in-class learning and required students to stay home. Then, when it was time to return to school, the teacher’s unions became involved and began to make unreasonable demands. Local school boards were under the impression that since the president was a socialist, they had the power to decide what the students needed to do to be taught.

The nefarious Democrats were in charge of the school environment and took students hostage to ensure they could have the things they desired. When things calmed down, the schools were still able to impose a variety of mask-related rules for kids because liberals believed they could take the decision away from parents and force it on them, on behalf of their children.

However, if parents stand up to the opposition and fight back, things will change. Democrats cannot be allowed to sit on school boards and tell parents that they don't have the authority to determine the actions their children are allowed to take at school.

The school board of West Chester Area School District in Pennsylvania will discover that they had gone too far. A judge ordered five members of the school board to leave their seats immediately because they were found to be breaking the law and inflicting items that they were out of their way to handle.

Parents of these children could petition asking those on the board of school to be removed from their posts. The main problem was that the schools were breaking the law and refused to stop their abuse of children by requiring students to wear masks at school.

Beth Ann Rosica is the executive director of Back to School PA. Newsmax said that she is the director of “a political action committee that supports reopening schools, making the argument that under the Pennsylvania school code, districts have no authority to require students to wear masks.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ended all school mask mandates in a ruling that declared them, in all cases, unconstitutional. However, the rogue school district believed they were above the law and decided to maintain their mask mandate as long as it was possible.

Robert Sokolowski is the superintendent and has declared that “The removal of members of the board named on the petition is a ‘procedural outcome' that did not resolve any of the accusations included by the complainant. Special counsel for the district is currently creating a thorough response on behalf of the school board members mentioned in the complaint.”

The judge ruled that the school district has one week to locate replacements. This ruling shows that ignoring the law isn't a great idea. The Democrats believe that they're above law and don't have to be a part of the rule of law. The five school board members realized their rights under the law; the same statutes apply to them like all other citizens.

The eradication of liberals has begun in America. Voters are heading to the polls to rid themselves of their tainted and rottenness and to look to elect Republicans since they care about their fellow citizens. They are aware that the role of the job of an elected official is to serve, not to rule.

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