The Left is Dying Because of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Virus

A new virus has spread on the left. It spreads more quickly than a STD in Studio 54. The new illness has been linked to the left's erroneous message about an innocuous Florida bill. 

The “Don't Say Gay” message has spread from across the country in speeds that are comparable to the Internet. Much like other leftist propaganda, it traveled across “flyover country” and attached mostly to groups with leftist groupthink. It has a close to 100% rate of infection with the white coastal elites and hard leftists of all hues and almost all out of 221 males. Someone, somewhere (I'm guessing it was someone employed by Disney) created the “Don't Say Gay” message. It's simple to repeat and can be summarized into one word: Gay. It's catchy, but it's still untrue.

The left has spread the lie on social media, and the mainstream media knowingly helped. They all reiterated this “Don't Say Gay” lie. Hollywood believed it would make an excellent opening bit for the Oscars, therefore the hosts repeatedly repeated “Gay, Gay, Gay,” and the trained seals in the audience repeated it as well, “Gay, Gay Gay.”

It has been repeated by the left ad nauseum. Americans have heard about it and then asked “What does the bill really say and do?” It didn't require all of the reading of the Federal Tax Code or an Omnibus Budget bill – all they had to do was look over just a few pages. Many did. People on the right, as well as a growing percentage of liberals who are gay and sane, just replied “Read the bill.”

It has proven devastating for Democrats and those on the left. After people had a chance to read the provisions contained in the law, a vast majority were in favor of the bill. It is important to note that the word “gay” never appears in the bill. Not even once. The bill prohibits teachers from sexually indocrinating children in kindergarten up to third grade. It's not a difficult sell to the rational, but the left would not allow it. They repeatedly repeat: “Gay Gay Gay,” or “Don't Say Gay.” and sane Americans are asking: “Why do you want to sexualize 5-year-olds?”

The left has doubled and tripled down. They've repeatedly lied about the content of this bill. Then, people started reading it and saw that they were being deceived. Biden has joined in, insisting that it will “harm trans kids.” However, Americans who have read the bill realize that's false. Jen Psaki wants to keep her distance from the bill. She is aware that it's a fatal wound. They are aware that it won't do any of the things they are claiming. The “Don't Say Gay” crowd continues to repeat the lies. 

I've never witnessed the Left so misreading the situation. The issue here isn't one of compassion or being “gay.” Everyone feels compassion for that group. However, I feel a deep resentment for those who would sexually abuse children. It's a good thing that this position appears to be the predominant opinion. But the left isn't going to let go.

The City of New York has created a digital advertising campaign to encourage Floridians to relocate to New York City. The digital poster reiterates”Gay”. The idea that anyone in Florida will relocate to one of the most expensive cities in the US in order to declare “gay” is absurd; however, that, according to the reports, is the purpose in New York City.

“Come to the City where you can say whatever you want.”


Do whatever you want as long as you are wearing masks. You can say anything you want, but if you speak your mind and you use the wrong pronouns for an unidentified bear dressed as a poodle, then you can’t actually say whatever you want. Also, if you are adamant about males not being in female restrooms, then you're really not able to express whatever you like. If you're offended by those who would sexually abuse children, stay out of the way. If you're a conservative journalist at The New York Times, you'd best keep your mouth shut. However, you're able to use the word “gay” — just as you would use “gay” in Florida.

It's amazing to watch the left burning itself down. I personally hope that they continue to spread this message through November. It's a win. I'm adamantly in support of it.

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