Biden’s Quest to Drain the Oil Tank While Continuing to Push for Alternative Energy Sources

President Joe Biden's strategy to force Americans to switch to new energy options is inherently flawed. The rising cost of gas has provided him with an opportunity to deplete the national oil reserve, which would essentially end American consumption of oil. After the reserves have been emptied, the cost of gasoline will increase to unsustainable levels due to the fact that Biden has created America’s dependence on foreign oil.

The old man is always promoting the notion that he would like to lead the nation into an energy-independence path with alternative energy sources. He has yet to give a detailed plan outlining the steps he will take to replace the electricity that is being cut off from the current energy supply with alternative sources.

Biden uses the increased price of gas to justify depleting the federal reserve tank of thousands of barrels. The higher prices Biden has permitted are part of his strategy to alter America. As opposed to working in a slow manner for the long term, Biden would like to make the changes happen before his time in the White House ends. The current structure of energy in America is not able to withstand the rapid changes that he would like to create.

Biden blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for the higher gas prices in America. The truth is the prices were already quite high due to the fact that Biden had canceled domestic drilling contracts, which provided sufficient oil for Americans’ use so they did not rely on Russia or any nation to deliver oil to the United States.

The plan is to release one million barrels per day over the course of six months. He will have emptied the reserves of the federal government by 180 million barrels once those six months come to an end.

The Daily Wire reported Biden as saying, “Today, I'm laying out a two-part plan, not only to ease the pain that families are feeling right now, but to end this era of dependence and uncertainty, and to lay a new foundation for true and lasting American energy independence.”

Biden isn't interested in American energy. What he is concerned about is slowing down the country, so it can't pursue Putin and stop the war.

Biden added, “Which leads me to the beginning of my plan, which is to immediately increase the amount of oil. The prices of oil are increasing because of Putin's policies. There's not enough oil available. The most important thing to remember is that for us to get lower prices for gas, we need an increase in oil supplies right now.”

Going in the wrong direction, Biden thinks that draining the national reserve is the right way to move. However, what he must do is approve the 9,000 permit applications and allow Americans to begin producing their own oil. The president must restart the pipeline and stop tinkering with things he doesn't know how to handle. What he's doing is making matters worse for America in the long run.

The definition he has given of energy independence does not match the term's real definition. He isn't thinking about what is required to attain his goals. Each power station in America that relies on fossil fuels will eventually stop operations. However, before that happens, it will be necessary to replace that energy with renewable-energy sources. It will be difficult for Biden to shut off the power and then think he will be able to start the grid one year later after everything has been completed. It must be built first and then switch to new sources. However, this plan doesn't work for him because he doesn't care, as he claims he does.

According to the Daily Wire, he also lied. “Between the ramping up of production in the short-term, and reducing demand over the long term, we can be free from the dependence on oil imports from all over the world. Let me tell you, as prices are a pain, I understand. My goal is to ease the pain now and protect against it in the future. I'm open [to] ideas to strengthen the plan; however, I won't delay or put it off.”

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