Republican Governor Cox Bends the Knee to the “Waking Up” Faith

If Donald Trump's rise in the Republican Party in the last half-century has accomplished anything, it has been to separate some of the bad apples from the good ones. Neoconservatives such as Bill Kristol now spend their time arguing for Democrat posts and performing MSNBC hits, an important pastime. The GOP did not gain anything from being ruled by a group of squishes who were not confident enough to win and viewed exposure to the public as a positive objective.

There has been a lot involved in the current formation of the party. This leads to Utah Governor Spencer Cox, a “conservative” who recently shot down the school choice option in his state. He also was unable to adopt a bill to protect female sports from radical transgender views (he was rebuffed). He's extremely principled and all that.

Currently, Cox has taken things to the next level, fully bowing to the faith of “waking up.” In a recent clip, Governor Cox can be seen using his preferred pronouns, while talking about the significance of “equity and inclusion,” an expression that is often used to refer to Critical Race Theory.

If you watch it, don't pay attention to the comedy cuts or absurd overdubs. It's the actual dialogue in the video that's important. The reactions of conservatives, specifically those who have been around the commentariat for long enough, are predictable. “This isn't worth fighting over,” they'll say with a statement that, even though they aren't in agreement with Cox on the issue, “he's not hurting anything.”

But are they right? The reason we're in the situation we're in, where we must engage in a war of culture over radical transgender views, is because inscrutable Republicans decided 10 years earlier to declare that “this isn't worth fighting over.” Instead of cutting this insaneness from the beginning, the issue was allowed to take over the world without much resistance until recently. If GOP lawmakers continue to ignore the idea and don't fight, they'll lose by default. Republicans such as Cox are completely satisfied with that result.

The objective reality of the world should be a concern for conservatives. “Preferred pronouns” do not exist since pronouns aren't flexible. They are instead determined by what is reality. Anyone Republican believing that they can be changed by someone else is feeding the beast that eventually consumes them.

The people of Utah need to wake up. It's not enough that they elected Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), who's expected to vote to confirm the far-left Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson in Washington. What's the point of electing an individual like Cox, who cannot be trusted to advocate for fundamental conservative principles such as school selection–while bowing to the woke and expressing their views in an attempt to pander? Being one of the reddest states in the United States, Utah can and should be doing better.

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