The Stacey Abrams Success Story: Election Loss Turns Financial Rags into Riches

Sometimes it is beneficial to finish last. You can ask Stacey Abrams. As the Democratic candidate, she had an opportunity to be the governor of Georgia in 2018. But in the final count, she was defeated by Republican Brian Kemp.

How can an unlucky loss decide if someone is successful? Abrams was able to turn failure around into something victorious.

“Is [Brian] the legitimate governor-elect of Georgia?” CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked her.

She seemed unsure if she would say yes or no. “He is the person who won the adequate number of votes to become the governor… Words have meaning. I spent my lifetime, not only as an attorney but as a writer. And I'm careful of the words I choose… He is the legal victor.”

In an effort to be precise, she continued, “What you are looking for me to say is that there was no compromise of our democracy, and there should be some political compromise in the language I use, and that's not right. What's not right is saying that something was done properly when it was not.”

To determine the extent of her political intelligence, the Associated Press reported on her exuberant financial means. Stacey's account at the bank was an unsustainable vessel prior to the election, but she's well beyond the ship's size today.

Abrams criticized Kemp in 2018 for owing $54,000 to the IRS, despite self-employment taxes she had not paid in time. She additionally had $96,000 in student loan debt as well as credit-card-accumulated debt of $83,000 as of 2018. Abrams had a net worth of $1 million only due to the fact that a publisher had given her an advance of $150,000 for her first non-fiction work. In the book, “Minority Leader,” Abrams said that she borrowed money at a point when “my understanding of personal finance barely scratched the surface.”

It's never been a good thing to lose, but…In the event that she launches another bid in the coming year, her lackluster financials have become less of an issue. Abrams currently claims that she's worth $3.17 million, as per the state's disclosures made in March. This is compared to her net worth of just $109,000 when she ran for office just four years ago.

The story of the Six-Million-Dollar Woman: Her meteoric rise to millionaire status is correlated with her rise in the national political arena. Since her defeat in the 2018 election against Republican Brian Kemp, Abrams is now a leading voter-rights advocate. Abrams was viewed as an option as a possible running mate for presidential candidate Joe Biden and was widely recognized for her efforts to mobilize voters in Georgia to help him become the first Democrat to win Georgia in a presidential election in 28 years. Through the years, she has garnered $6 million, largely driven by the $5 million she has received in payments for speeches and books.

In addition to dancing in a puddle of dough, her defeat at the state level has been countered cosmically. Who would want to be the governor of Georgia when you could be the president of the planet?

Ladies and gentlemen, and the X's to Earth, “Star Trek” star Stacey Abrams… Is such an incredible rise in the face of a political slump only seen among Democrats? But it’s doubtful you'll witness Larry Elder in “Star Wars.” With that said, do not be surprised to learn that Stacey Abrams is the next Princess Leia.

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