Greg Gutfeld on “The Five” Predicts Joe Won’t Run in 2024 But Will Pardon Hunter Before He Goes

Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News host, made a bold prediction during Monday's edition of the popular talk show “The Five.” He simply declared President Joe Biden won't “be there for 2024.” Gutfeld continued to say that he believed that Democrats would pressure the president to step down at the conclusion of his first term in the White House. And the best thing for Biden would be if he and his son, Hunter, receive amnesty for the younger Biden’s shady dealings. Hunter is currently being investigated by the FBI for his business dealings with foreign companies, particularly those executed during the time his father served as vice president in former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Greg Gutfeld led the panel discussion on “The Five” by focusing on the president’s son. They spoke about the most recent news reports concerning the emails discovered on his laptop. These emails were exposed in a report published in the New York Post and are currently at the center of a federal government investigation.

Political commentator Dana Perino said that it wouldn't surprise her if the Justice Department indicted Hunter Biden. However, she also said that she thought Biden was innocent. The Department of Justice (DOJ) could extend its final inquiry until after the presidential election.

Perino claimed that she was previously employed by the DOJ and was taught by others who worked as spokespersons how to say “no comment” in 101 ways. She explained that's precisely what we should expect of this administration, including the White House and the DOJ. “They don't have to be told this is super sensitive; they know if there is one iota that it looks like Joe Biden was involved in some way or influenced in some way, the White House messaging…what chief of staff just said…that will all blow apart,” Perino stated.

Greg Gutfeld challenged Perino's line of thinking. Gutfeld believes that the DOJ will quickly move to indict potential criminals. “I believe… Joe is not going to be around in 2024, is he? They'll tell him that he's going to have to return to his home. The trade-off is that he can forgive Hunter.”

He reiterated his hope that the DOJ would act quickly to ensure that President Biden is able to pardon his son and depart the White House. Gutfeld believes that Attorney General Merrick Garland is likely to bring charges against Hunter Biden but not for a crime of a significant nature, which would require jail time. Gutfeld said Hunter Biden could be indicted for one minor tax violation, possibly money laundering. The president could grant a pardon and promise that he won't run for the next election.

The Democrats may decide to push Biden to retire after the initial four years based on what they've seen in recent polls. According to a recent CAPS-Harris poll conducted by Harvard, if the election were held today, Trump would get 47 percent of the vote as opposed to 41 percent for Joe Biden. In addition, Vice President Harris comes off even worse in an election against former President Trump; Harris would get just 38 percent of the votes in comparison to Trump's 49 percent.

Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, said that Trump's predicted leads over Harris and Biden aren't as tightly dependent on Trump's popularity as they are on Biden's current struggles with American voters.

If these figures prove correct, the Democratic Party leadership may be willing to accept a Hunter Biden pardon if it results in Joe riding off into retirement in the sun.

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