Hunter’s Emails Cause More Embarrassment at White House Press Conference

According to emails stored on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hunter had his father, Joe, write a college recommendation for the son of one of Hunter's Chinese business partners, Jonathan Li. Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed that he didn't know about the business transactions of his son. But this has been proven a lie.

Fox News' Peter Doocy grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the question on Wednesday. It was obvious by the redness on her face that she was all set to get out of the way and not own the responsibility of covering for Joe Biden.

Psaki said she didn't have confirmation or had nothing to add to the report. Why? She knew about the report, and she was aware that she was likely going to be asked questions about it. What's Joe Biden's response to this report? If he doesn't have a response, then we can believe that the report is true. It's not just about a business partner of Hunter's; it's also about the chief executive of a business linked to the Chinese government. This is the main issue: Hunter's involvement with the Chinese government.

There's also the issue of, as Doocy mentions, “doing favors” for business partners. “What do we know about the amount Joe Biden might have received in exchange for this favor?” Doocy asked. But Psaki was unable to answer the question.

Then Doocy came back with a concerning question about an email that indicated Hunter Biden was looking at Joe Biden, Jill Biden and Joe’s brother Jim Biden, being “office mates” with Gongwen Dong, an “emissary” for the chairman of CEFC China Energy, the Chinese energy firm with which Hunter was involved.

Psaki has denied that they were ever “office mates.” She has claimed, however, that she's not ready to provide a complete answer.

The letter to the landlord includes Hunter’s request that the tenant provide keys to his father and relatives as well as Dong and put up new signage reflecting the CEFC connection with the Biden Foundation. How exactly can Biden not be aware of his son’s business dealings when he plans to have a shared office with his son’s business associates?

The story suggests that once Hunter made the request, he had a dispute with the building's management team about snooping on people at the back of the building, including Lunden Roberts, who later was revealed to be the mother of Hunter's illegitimate child. Then, in the end, they didn't follow through, and Hunter left.

However, the real question remains about the connections between these individuals, especially those from whom the Biden family received benefits from Hunter's business deals, as per the emails–most especially, any from whom Joe Biden allegedly received a share.

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